The sun comes out west?The Palestinian -Israeli conflict was not over, the United States announced sanctions on Israel, and the situation was even more chaotic.

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TheCurrent affairs informationre was a wave of flat, and the waves were rising again.As the Pakistani conflict continues to upgrade, when the Western forces support Israel, the United States suddenly made a move that surprised the outside world-Sanctions Israel, accurate to sanction some Israelis.

On the 5th local time, U.S. Secretary of State Blintin announced that the United States will impose sanctions on Israeli citizens who create violent time on the west bank of the Jordan River, including the implementation of a visa ban to prohibit entering the United States.Essence

The decision that the United States suddenly announced was not only attracting attention, but also far -reaching.Among this,At least 3 details cannot be ignored.

1. The time point for US sanctions Israel is quite sensitive.

After Gaza's temporary ceasefire ended, Israel restored its military operations in the Gaza area. As the northern part of Gaza was nearing its end, Israeli was currently acting towards the southern part of Gaza.

You know, when Israel had previously hit the northern part of Gaza, he issued a "evacuation order" to the people in the area, asking for nearly one million Palestinian to migrate to the southern part of Gasha, which caused strong criticism from all walks of life in the international sectors.

But at the moment, nearly one million Palestinians who transferred to the south in the north of Gaza have not been resettled, and the humanitarian crisis is quite grim. There are a large number of residents in the southern Gaza.While more public opinion pressure and international attacks, the West, which supports Israel, will also become the target of public criticism.

Therefore, in this context, the United States suddenly announced that sanctions on Israel seem to be designed to convey outside--The United States also clearly opposes the violence against civilians, but Israel is lonely and has nothing to do with the United States.

On the other hand, after the Palestinian -Israeli conflict, a number of senior American officials, including the US President Biden Biden and Secretary of State Brillings, have issued a warning to Israel many times, asking the latter to take action to avoid civilians' conflict, and as well as, and as well asStop war on the fire to further spread, but did not get Israel's care.

Nowadays, the United States issues sanctions to Israel, and it is not allowed to be angry and become angry, and make a "knock" intention to Israel.

2. The United States announced a sanctions order, which also reflected from the side -the west bank of the Jordan River did outbreak of artificially produced violent incidents, and had a certain relationship with Israel.Otherwise, the United States will not directly point the spearhead to Israel this "Xingshu".

Especially in the context of the continuous upgrading of the conflict in the Gasha area, if the fire spreads to the west bank of the Jordan River, it will trigger confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian armed forces. At that time, the conflict will spread and upgrade, and the situation will be further out of control.

3. From the content of the sanctions announced by the United States, although it is said to be sanctions, IsraelBut it is obviously thunderous and heavy rainy points,It does not have a substantial impact on Israel.This shows that the United States still supports Israel. Even if it is publicly "knocking" this time, it is more for the international community, thereby reducing the pressure and international pressure of public opinion in the United States.

Finally, let's talk about a few superficial views.

No. 1,The anti -war mood of the international community continues to rise, and the tragedy of war that occurs in the Gaza Strip is continuously staged. It is undergoing tremendous pressure on Israel and the United States.Important reason for the idea of "clearing boundaries" in conflict.

2ndAlthough the United States' sanction of Israel has "knocked" Israel to a certain extent, in fact, there is also a meaning that does not want to interfere with Israel's decision and action. After all, if Israel will be lonely and continue to create chaos on the west bank of the Jordan River, then thenThe United States also imposed sanctions on people who participated in chaos in accordance with the overall impact of Israeli as a whole.

Therefore, this time the US sanctions on Israel also indicate that Pakistani conflicts are not optimistic.

3rd,For the support of the United States, the Israeli government has not yet given a response.Will be further upgraded.

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