The 5th World Media Summit 丨 Egyptian expert: Azhong Media needs to strengthen cooperation to deal with common challenges

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  Xinhua News Agency,实时新闻 Cairo, December 4th (Reporter Dong Xiuzhu Yao Bing) Egyptian Chinese expert Ahmed Salam said in Cairo recently that Arab countries and China have enhanced media cooperation in response to the increasingly severe common challenges.

  Saram said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency before going to China to participate in the Fifth World Media Summit that the world is full of changes and the media facing increasingly severe challenges."The theme, seeking common cooperation to cope with these challenges.

  Saram believes that Azhong Media needs to strengthen its influence and communication in global audiences, create a green media environment without prejudice "pollution", and correct some Western media's misunderstandings and distortions in Arab countries and Chinese reports."This requires the cooperation of Azhong Media."

  Saram pointed out that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are now widely used in the media, and it does bring more convenience, but fake news and information waste also spread faster and more widely with advanced technology. These fake news and information waste trashIt has become an important factor affecting politics, economy, and social stability.Azhong Legislative Organs should improve relevant laws and regulations to adapt to the pace of rapid development of new technologies.

  Salam said that the media should assume the responsibility of building a community of human destiny, and to spread information more accurately and objectively on the premise of taking into account different cultures and beliefs.Azhong Media's cooperation has a broad prospect and significant significance.

  2023 is the tenth anniversary of the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative.Salam said that this initiative has made "the importance of Azhong Media's cooperation has doubled." The Arab countries' favor for China also benefited from the continuous cultural exchanges between the two parties, including the important role of media cooperation.The continuous deepening of the Arab media cooperation can "let the Arab public opinion field and the Arab national citizens better understand the Chinese position."

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