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On the day Biden announced the day when he won the presidential election,exclusive information Putin's mood should be heavy.A strong "anti -Russian" person is about to come to powerRussia's winter may be colder than before.

but,In Putin's eyes, things do not seem to have no turn!Judging from the latest statement of the Kremlin, Russia may be preparing for the 2020 American election.

1. Moscow's "late" statement

As we all know, in the early morning of November 8th, after Biden announced the victory, in just half an hour, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece and other countries sent congratulations to Biden and Harris.

Among them, there are emphasis"Close relationship with the United States"There are also"Looking forward to cooperation with Biden Government"Of course, there is no shortage of lack of lack"Create a new situation with the United States"of.

Whatever it is, in the final analysis, it is admitting that Biden wins the incident and seek friendly relations with the United States.

However, Russia did not send congratulatory telegram.

In 2016, Trump announced two hours after the victory, Putin's celebration arrived; and in 2020, Biden announced the victory, and the Kremlin packed a clear statement after a 24 -hour interval.

On the afternoon of November 9, the spokesman of the Kremlin Palace Perskov stated that the Russian president is waiting for the official results of the US election and will congratulate the winners after the results come out.

What does this mean?Has Biden announced victory?Didn't the leaders of other countries acknowledge it indirectly?Does Putin mean that he is unwilling to admit it?

Judging from Russia's actions, it may be true.

If Putin agrees with Biden’s victory, maybe congratulations will have arrived long; if Russia accepts Bayeng elected, then Moscow’s statement will not be ambiguous."Biden announced not counting, I have to wait for the official conclusion"the meaning of.

In fact, how can there be "official conclusions" in the US election?

In the past elections of the United States, the results were usually announced by the media.The United States does not have official institutions like the National Election Commission.

Under normal circumstances, the media will make a conclusion of the victory of the other party through "facts, mathematics, and state laws".

Subsequently, the winners delivered a national speech, and the failed people admitted to the election, and the US General Agency immediately arranged the presidential handover work.

The leaders of the White House changed their stubbles, and I really never encountered a situation like "difficult" as this year.

And Russian President Putin, he should understand the situation of the United States this year, so this "late" and ambiguous statement must not be simple.

2. Two preparations for Russia

It may be for campaign to shout slogans, or it may be true. In short, Biden had previously explicitly stated:Russia is the enemy of the United StatesEssence

In addition to this sentence, Biden's camp did not allow him to have any "pro -Russian" performance.

You know, Biden was once the vice president of the Obama administration.During Obama's administration, the United States United Europe has launched a very serious economic sanctions on Russia, So after Biden came to power, the probability will continue similar policies.

In Biden's national speech yesterday, he said very clearly to all Americans,Let the United States return to the "Obama era".

It is conceivable that Biden's attitude towards Russia must not be better.

And Trump is different.

Trump has always advocated cutting sanctions on Russia,I even want to do business with Russia.Although these are difficult to execute in the end, his "worship" of Putin is almost difficult to hide.Otherwise, there will be no statement of "Tong Russia".

Therefore, who hopes to be elected as the president of the United States?The answer can be imagined.

As a result, Biden announced the victory, and Putin was estimated to be hit.But Trump has not acknowledged failure!Putin seemed to see hope again.

Russia's statement today is actually equivalent to making two -handed preparation. Putin neither acknowledged Bayeng's election nor denied the Democratic Party's victory.

On the one hand, Russia is still watching, and they are waiting for Trump's next action.

If Trump really insists on denied the results of the election and the legal procedure sued Biden, then under the influence of Trump, many protesters in American society have responded.

The most "lively" situation may be that the United States has fallen into chaos.Or Trump can really "check" something.All in all, Russia is fine.

On the other hand, Russia said that after the official results were announced, congratulations were sent to the winners.The implication is that no matter who the new president is, Russia wants to improve relations with the United States.

This is actually equivalent to "hitting a stick for a sweet jujube".Putin waited for the jokes of the US election, and hoped that there were new changes, while saying to the Americans, "I will congratulate your new president, we will be friends."

In this way, neither offending the United States or letting Russia fall into the wind.

In the end, I believe,In fact, Putin is not afraid of Bayeng to take office, nor is it afraid that the Democratic Party is governing.What Putin is considered, how should it allow Russia's economic recovery,How to make the environment more conducive to the development of RussiaEssence

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