Golden stocks continue to lower the Federal Reserve's loose and expected cooling price of gold prices to decline and broadcast articles

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Zhitong Finance APP was informed that the gold stocks continued to fall. As of press time,热门话题 Lingbao Gold (03330) fell 3.49%to HK $ 1.66; China Gold International (02099) fell 1.03%to HK $ 33.5; Shandong Gold (600547) (01787) fell down.0.95%, reported at HK $ 14.65; Zijin Mining (02899) fell 0.94%to HK $ 12.62.

On the news, the minutes of the December interest rate conference announced by the Federal Reserve yesterday said that the inflation was eased, but it did not discuss when the interest rate cut.The Federal Reserve is loose to cool down, promote the rise in the US dollar index, and the price of precious metal prices has fallen.COMEX's settlement price of gold futures in February fell 1.5%to $ 2042.8/ounce; the spot gold price fell 1%, the largest single -day decline since December 11 to $ 2037.61 per ounce, a new low in the past two weeks.

CICC pointed out that recently, Pakistani conflicts have contributed a large increase in gold with the Federal Reserve Pigeon faction. The market for the market may be relatively sufficient.Therefore, at the tactical level, the bank does not rule out the possibility of a short -term callback of gold.However, from the long -term perspective, gold has high configuration value in the interest rate cut cycle.

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