Zhang Chaoyang said that the long -term passive brush mobile phone people will be abolished: more reading sports and broadcasting articles

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Smart mobile phones are no longer a simple communication tool. Thehot topicre are many entertainment apps in the mobile phone that makes many people start to "add" mobile phones.

According to domestic media reports, Xi'an Station, a college series of "Physics Course of Zhang Chaoyang", recently opened a lecture at Xi'an Jiaotong University. Sohu founder Zhang Chaoyang answered many students' questions.

At the same time, Zhang Chaoyang also urged everyone to avoid long -term passive swiping mobile phones. Passive feeding information is to disappear time to form delay. Then they do n’t think about it, and do n’t ask questions, then people will abolish them.

Use the effective time to use more time and energy on thinking, reading, and exercise, and turn the passive time to active time.

In addition, long -term use of mobile phones can cause problems with cervical spine and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

It is worth noting that in January this year, Zhang Chaoyang appeared in the selection room of the East. In the live broadcast, Zhang Chaoyang suggested lying on the mobile phone.

Zhang Chaoyang said that if you keep looking down, to support heavy heads, let neck congestion for a long time to form a tendon, which will cause cervical spine problems.

The better way to look at the mobile phone is to lie down, put the bracket on the chest, so that the head is not bearing, and the arm is separated from the mobile phone, so that the cervical spine problem is reduced.

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