The United Nations analysis satellite image Israel bombed 37,000 houses in Gasha

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With powerful explosives, Israel bombed the buildings in the Gaza region, causing major losses to the lives and property of the Gaza people.The United Nations said today that its satellite analysis agency "UN Satellite Operational Application Plan" has confirmed that since the Palestinian armed organization Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on October 7, 18%of Gaza infrastructure has been destroyed.

Agence France -Presse reported that the United Nations Satellite Operational Application Project (UNOSAT) stated that the estimated value was made based on the (satellite) image taken on November 26.The total number of buildings influenced by war increased by 49%.

"As of November 26, 2023, the United Nations Satellite Operation Application Plan has determined that 149 buildings have been destroyed, 8,243 buildings were severely damaged, and 19087 buildings were moderately damaged. A total of 37379The building is damaged. "

"This is equivalent to about 18%of the total number of Gaza Strip buildings."

The Harbin War began at Hamas's attack on October 7.Israeli data pointed out that the attack caused 1200 people to be killed, most of which were civilians, and about 240 hostages were taken to Gaza.

The Gaza Health Authority controlled by Hamas said that in order to eliminate Hamas, Israel responded with a continuous air strike and ground attack, and razed most of Gaza's regions to ruins, causing more than 18,000 people to die, and most of them were civilians.Essence

Unosat said: "The results of these investigations should emphasize that they need to stop fire and provide support immediately to solve the increasingly severe humanitarian crisis of the Gaza Corridor."

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