Zhang Zeqian: 12.11 Today's gold crude oil trend analysis, gold does not break the high point, the main empty point is much shorter

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  I don't know how you grasp the recent market?重大新闻Are you still in confusion now, no matter the market skyrocketed, the plunge, or the unilateral shock, are you always unsure?It is the so -called buying as soon as you buy it. When you fall, you will be cut, and you will rise when you cut it.This is like a dead set, and the funds are constantly shrinking, so cycle.Here, Zhang Zeqian is not convenient to say how to teach you in a large space in the article. For your loss, what I can do is to do my best to eliminate the obstacles of the road of profit. When you still have capital, I can be able toMake you better.Leave Aoyama who is not afraid of burning with firewood, so why do you have to block your funds with uncertainty?In fact, the terrible thing is not the market, but the loss of yourself and you can't find the sense of direction. If you do not go well or the investment often shrinks, you can talk to me. I can give me fishing.


  Gold market trend analysis:

  Gold is currently high 2148. The top of the top is clear, and the deep V reversed and fell.The perfect giant yin fell, and successfully swallowed all the gains of the previous Dayang, thus laid the foundation for a short loser this week.From the perspective of wave theory, the current pressure 2148 has begun to fall, ending the rising 3 wave stage, and has entered the adjustment of 4 waves.Now the key points of 2009 and the 2000 mark have also been successfully broken. The Air Force has been further clarified, and the news and technical trends have begun to tend to the Air Force.Just support.


  Gold Operation Strategy: Empty near 2000, stop loss 2009, target 1992-1985 specific operations


  Gold operation strategy: more near 1980, stop loss 1974, target 1988-1993 specific operations nearby


  Due to the delay of network push, because the network post is sometimes effective, it is for reference only, and the risk is self -affordable.

  Crude oil market analysis trend:


  The current rebound of crude oil has slowed out on the daily trend. The decline on the daily line has slowed down. After the 4 -hour trend has taken out a slightly incoming head, it is currently temporarily maintained at a high narrow range.The moving average running on the short -term trend is less.The hourly level has also maintained a good shock and strong trend, tending to have room for continuing rebound in the short -term trend.In terms of crude oil operation ideas, it is recommended to pay attention to 73.0-74.0 front-line resistance in the short term, and the short-term attention below supports 69.0-68.0 front line support.





  1. Investors with high positions can use the rebound market to solve the set, or reduce the position at high; once the market changes, the set of orders will immediately stop the loss and build the position to make up for the loss;


  2. Investors with medium sets can wait and see temporarily, do not rush to cut orders. If the market has the opportunity, the set of orders can be appropriately reduced.


  3. Investors with low -level sets can use the recovery market to solve the set, or reduce the position at dips; once the market changes, the set of orders stops out of the situation, built the warehouse in front of it to make up for the losses.


  All -round guidance time: 7: 00 -2:00 am the next morning (not stop on the weekend, you can consult for free)

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