Guanshi Technology: Announcement of the progress of cash management using some idle funds for cash management

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According to the financial industry on January 4,热门事件 Guanshi Technology announced that the company's use of some idle funds for cash management is underway.RMB 1.4 billion has been invested in two structural deposit products.The details are as follows:

1 Bank of Communications "94 days (linked to gold bullish)", the investment amount is 50 million yuan, the product period is 94 days, the product establishment date is January 5, 2024.March 8.

2 Xingye Bank's "Enterprise Financial RMB Structural Deposit Products", with an investment amount of 90 million yuan, a product period of 176 days. The step -up date is January 4, 2024, and the expiration date is June 28, 2024.

On the whole, these cash management products meet the company's requirements for high security and good liquidity, and will not affect the normal implementation of fund investment projects and the company's main business.At the same time, the company noticed that the risk of financial markets would take measures to ensure the security of investment, and to adjust and appropriately adjust the changes in the economy and market in a timely manner to reduce the impact of risk.

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