Why is the age of "bone crispy"?Doctor: Eat less food broadcast articles with calcium with bones

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【Fans Come on】Aunt Li is hot newsa strong and independent person. Although she often feels chest tightness and shortness of breath in recent years, she always thinks that this is just ordinary physical discomfort and tolerance, so she doesn't pay much attention.

Auntie Li's family also noticed her discomfort, but because she always insisted that "it was okay," the family did not interfere too much.However, one day, things have changed.Aunt Li suddenly felt severe chest pain, and she was almost intolerable.Her relatives immediately called the first aid call and sent her to the hospital urgently.

In the hospital, after a series of examinations, the doctor told Aunt Li and her family that Aunt Li's thoracic spine had a fracture.

【Doctor Answer】The growth of age is an inevitable process of life, but with the age of age, many people will face a common problem, that is, the bones become fragile and easy to fracture.Medically, this condition is called osteoporosis. It is a disease with a decrease in bone density and reduced bone quality, making the bone fragile and easy to be injured.Why do bones become fragile with age?Is there any way to slow the development of osteoporosis?This article will explore this issue in depth, and introduce some foods with bone grabbing calcium, and how to improve bone health by diet.

First, why is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the result of bone aging. It is mainly caused by the following factors:

Bone density decreases: With the increase of age, the human body's ability to absorb and store calcium in the body weakens, resulting in a decrease in bone density.This makes the bones more fragile and easily injured.

Bone loss: osteopatheat loss related to age is one of the main causes of osteoporosis.It means that the calcium and other minerals in the bones are slowly lost, making the bones fragile.Women are more vulnerable to bone loss after menopause.

Bad lifestyle: unhealthy lifestyle, such as lack of exercise, high salt and high sugar diet, excessive drinking and smoking, will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Genetic factors: If patients with osteoporosis in the family, individuals may be more vulnerable to affected.

Second, grab calcium food with bones

Bone health is not only related to sufficient calcium, but also to avoid some foods. These foods may "snatch" the calcium in the bones and accelerate bone loss.The following are some foods that grab calcium with bones:

1. High -salt food:

High -salt diet may cause calcium loss in the body because calcium in the body will be excreted to neutralize excess sodium.Long -term consumption of high -salt food will increase the excretion of urine calcium, thereby increasing the loss of calcium in the bones.

2. Coffee and caffeine:

This will increase the excretion of urine calcium, which will cause the calcium in the bones to be lost.Although the research results are different, excessive intake of caffeine may adversely affect bone health.

3. High -sugar food:

High -sugar diet may reduce the absorption of calcium in the body because high blood sugar can promote calcium in the body.In addition, high sugar diet may affect the metabolism of vitamin D, and vitamin D is necessary for bone health.

4. High -protein diet:

Excessive intake of protein may cause calcium loss in the bones.This is because the acid metabolites produced by protein metabolism may promote calcium excretion in the body to neutralize acidity.

5. Soft drink:

High -sugar soft beverages are usually rich in phosphate. These substances may be combined with calcium to reduce calcium absorption and affect bone health.

3. How to improve bone health

In order to improve bone health, we can take the following measures:

Increased calcium intake: Calcium intake is the key to maintaining bone health.Good calcium sources in food include dairy products, fish, tofu, nuts and green leafy vegetables.Calcium tablets are also a good way.

Vitamin D supplement: Vitamin D is very important for calcium absorption and bone health.In the case of insufficient sun exposure, you can consider taking vitamin D supplements.

Control salt intake: Reduce the intake of high -salt food and help reduce the loss of calcium in the body.

Moderate caffeine: Limit the intake of coffee and caffeine to prevent excessive urine calcium excretion.

Healthy lifestyle: Pay attention to exercise in daily life, quit smoking, restrict alcohol intake, etc., can well maintain bone health well.

Regular physical examination: regular bone density examinations to understand their bones and take appropriate measures according to the doctor's suggestion.

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