Institution to see Jinshi: December 14th

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  【Institutional view analysis】

  Huatai Futures's view on the 14th on the 14th, it is believed that the Federal Reserve was maintained overnight this morningUnchanged, recognizing that the economy and inflation have slowed;And the Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said in his speech: "We believe in policyIt has reached or approached the peak, and interest rate cuts have begun to enter the field of vision."In the exchange market, the Federal Reserve will reduce interest rates by more than 140 basis points by the end of 2024. In this context, the US dollar falls, and the price of precious metals in the outer disk shows significantly. At the same time, Powell's speech also expressed concerns about the future economic outlook, so the current precious metal is currently on the precious metal.In the case, it is still recommended to buy a set of baons at dips.

  Zhengxin Futures's view on the 14th on the 14th, before the employment market gap and service industry inflation did not significantly decrease, the Federal Reserve policy has a high probability of continuing the subscription cycle.The market may swing back and forth between optimistic expectations of interest rate cuts and suspending interest rate hikes. The short -term Federal Reserve negotiation meeting was released for the first time to release interest rate cuts, but the market had fully expected before.It is expected that the short -term market will maintain a shock structure and wait for more economic data to confirm the economic decline. After the high decline of the gold, it is expected to continue the upward trend.

  The futures point of view states that the results of the FOMC in December were released, and the all -round partial pigeon made gold rise.Interest rates are not moving, but the dot matrix shows that the expected interest rate cut for 2024 rises to 75bp, which is higher than the September dotmine map.Gold rose sharply, COMEX rose more than 2%, and silver increased by more than 5%.The optimistic expectations of the Federal Reserve's policy will continue in a short time, and the downward trend of interest rates will be obvious, and gold still has room for continued rising.

  Heraeus released a report saying that gold is expected to perform best in the precious metal sector in 2024, because the global economy may suffer, forcing investors to find insurance assets.Due to the economic slowdown forced the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, the new year's gold is expected to be between 1880-2250 per ounce.InstitutionIt is said that in recent years, the Fed's interest rate hike provided solid support for the US dollar and pushed the yield of bonds to more than years, but the price of gold was relatively strong, which laid the foundation for the gold price in 2024.However, He Lishi also said that although interest rate decline is the biggest thrust of the gold market, investment demand is essential for the continuous rise of gold.

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