[Evaluation Line] Sun Bird Time Comment: To promote stability, help the Chinese economy stabilize and far away

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  Thehotly discussed information situation and the situation must be regarded as the shape and the situation. "Form" is the current, "potential" is long -term, and "potential" depends on how the concept is transformed into action and how the blueprint will be transformed into reality.On December 8th, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee to analyze and study economic work in 2024 is an important part of the meeting.This year is the beginning of fully implementing the party's 20th spirit, and the economic pace of "picking up" is the main feature.In 2024, the economic work must persist in steady progress, advancement, stability, first establish and break in order to truly achieve stability and far away.

  It is different from the Central Political Bureau meeting at the end of 2022. It is different from the setting of the economic "steady word and steady progress" in 2023. "It is promoted to promote stability, and then break first" is the new proposal of this year.The twelve words "steady progress, promoting stability, standing first and then break" contain two pairs of dialectical relationships: one pair is "stability" and "progress", one pair is "stand" and "broken"EssenceGrasping these two pairs of dialectics is the key to doing good economic work next year.

  Grasp the motivation of "enter".It is the so -called "going against the water, and if you don't enter, you will retreat."According to a report released by authoritative agencies, this year, the China Innovation Index has been promoted to three consecutive developments, becoming the only developing country to enter the top 10.When the World Open Index came to the second low since 2008, China's open index jumped from 0.7107 in 2012 to 0.7517, an increase of 5.7%.Such transformation and progress show the strong and toughness of China's economy.On the one hand, the "entering" of the economy requires the leadership of scientific and technological innovation, and our confidence and confidence can become more and more full; we also need to deepen reforms in key areas and expand high levels of opening up to stimulate and release the development momentum of development.support.Next, as long as we continue to be based on the new stage of development, we insist on led development with innovation and effectively change the development mode, we can start a new game in a change in the change and continuously stimulate new development vitality.

  Adhere to the "stable" pace.General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: "'Stability' and 'Jin" must promote each other, and the economic and social stability can create a stable and macro environment for adjusting the economic structure and deepening reform and opening up;Economic and social operations are well created. "Recently, the World Trade Organization lowered the expected global trade growth in 2023, but the latest data in November showed that China's total import and export value increased by 1.2%compared with the same period last year.While the Economic Organization pointed out that the global foreign direct investment flow decreased, many developed countries' investment in China was rising.In fact, the short -term fluctuations of some indicators are inevitable, and it is necessary to see the qualitative changes in the areas to see the general trend of the Chinese economy.A series of indicators are showing the steady progress of China's economy."Continue to implement positive fiscal policies and stable monetary policies" "Enhance the consistency of macro policy orientation", "Consolidate the Basic Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment", "Continue to effectively prevent and resolve risks in key areas", "Resolutely keep the bottom line that does not occur in systemic risks" ...A series of warm -hearted measures twisted the key points of "stable".We further adhere to the party's leadership, continuously improve the basic socialist economic system, penetrate the "sunshine mentality" throughout, and effectively transform the party leadership's system advantage into the system's efficiency of economic development, and promote the economy to achieve steady progress.

  The momentum of "standing".Before "broken", you need to think about how to "stand".At present, my country's strategic emerging industry added value, accounting for more than 13%of the domestic GDP.The sustainable development of the Chinese economy has been brewing more new momentum.In order to promote stability, it is necessary to achieve the "optimal solution" of the problem through the adjustment of a whole set of work thinking and path.China is looking for a "optimal solution" method, and one of the keywords is "collaborative".The cooperation agrees to integrate development and continuously achieve the "multiplication effect".When you see, there are various provinces in China, and each has its own dynasties.Only by holding digital and green coordinated development of this "bull nose" can China's economy move towards high -quality development.In the long run, the old economic development method and the industry in the stage of recession must be broken, but in the process of "breaking", you must pay attention to the grasp of.stand up.For example: consolidate and expand the advantages of the development of new energy vehicles, accelerate the construction of facilities such as charging piles, energy storage and other facilities and supporting grid transformation; we must pay attention to the development of general artificial intelligence, create an innovative ecology, and prevent risks; and so on.

  The century is exactly the wind and righteousness, and it will still need to be both stroke in the future.It will usher in the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2024, and it is also a key year for implementing the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan".The road to the way is glorious. We must use the persistence of half of the person who walks a hundred miles to further grasp the "steady progress, advancement, stability, and break first".Get better development in "," break "and" Li ".

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