Self -eaten fruit: sanction of Russia has led to rising energy and European countries are unbearable!

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The一线资讯 price of natural gas in the European Union has soared 40%, and the energy crisis has intensified. The pushing hands behind the scenes are actually a conflict between Russia and Ukraine!Russia and Ukraine's conflict continues, and many European countries have announced sanctions against Russia.

Because energy has always been the ace of Russia, the sanctions on Russia in many European countries have led to insufficient energy supply and rising energy prices.Many European countries are harmed and miserable.First of all, European natural gas and power prices have reached a record high.

Although the European Union proposed a plan to reduce Russia's energy dependence, it is not easy to implement.Because European energy import dependence is very high, and Russia is one of the largest natural gas and power supply countries in Europe.

Secondly, the rise in energy prices has also led to the general rise in prices, which has brought a greater burden to ordinary people in European countries.Many people in European countries have to make choices between the basic necessities such as energy and food.Finally, for European countries that rely on Russian energy, they have to face the consequences of sanctioning Russia.The people of these countries have suffered great suffering.

It is hoped that this conflict can end as soon as possible, so that the local people can live a peaceful and peaceful life.It is also hoped that while sanctioning other countries can consider the interests of the people in their own country.

In order to sanction Russia, reduce imported Russia's energy, and find alternatives to Russia's energy.This measure has led to the European energy crisis, and it also increases the EU's dependence on energy supply in other regions, exacerbating the fluctuation of energy prices.

Recently, the reason for the rise in the price of natural gas in the EU is that the Australian LNG industry will hold a strike, which may affect the export of LNG, causing the EU to worry about insufficient energy supply.Although the EU's measures can reduce dependence on Russia's energy, this has also led to a reduction in energy supply and rising prices.And all this stems from the influence of Russia and Ukraine.

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