"Star" driver's incarnation passengers take a bus to "send a treasure" for the new driver

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Recently,时事热点 three Wuhan bus drivers "incarnation" passengers boarded a bus 316, trying to find problems in operating services from another angle, and proposed solutions.

"This driver is more attentive. Each stop is waiting for the elderly to help. But the elderly passengers hurriedly got up before they arrived at the station. It would be better if the driver reminded them of" standing firmly and helping. "Observe the driver's driving operation and service, while discussing.

The above -mentioned "passengers" are from 316.Among them, Fang Min and Chen Weili are party members and drivers who have worked for more than 20 years, and they are all rated as "star" drivers.Kong Yuan is a new driver who has been working for less than three years and has been complained by passengers for misunderstanding in October.

In order to help Kong Yuan solve the problem, the line invited Fang Min and Chen Wenli to help him analyze the reasons for the complaint and teach him the service skills accumulated for many years.Under the guidance of the two, Kong Yuan gradually opened up the knot and actively participated in the "change of identity and insufficient" activity of the line."Through this activity, I learned many skills to serve passengers." Kong Yuan said.

The entire line of Wuhan Bus 316 is 22.9 kilometers long, with a total of 33 bus stations, passing nearly 40 communities and more than 10 schools.Among them, there are mostly mixed road sections, and the number of elderly passengers and students account for more than 80%of the total passenger flow.

The person in charge of the 316 route said that in addition to the regular safety service training, the "star" driver will regularly invite "star" drivers to "pass the scriptures and send treasures" for the new driver, and organize security service competitions to carry out activities such as "change of identity and insufficient".Improve the overall service quality of the line.

Jiupai journalist Yang Bingyu Correspondent Tu Xuexue Gui Fangxiong

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