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Ukraine's land area is Current Affairs60.37 million square kilometers, and as of June 2019, Ukraine's population is 42.03 million.Ukraine is located in eastern Europe, connects Russia in the east, is on the south of the Black Sea, and is adjacent to Belarus in the north. It is connected to the nations of Polish, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.

Ukraine's geographical location is important, and it is a cross point for European Union and CIS, especially Russian geopolitics.Ukraine is one of the important markets in the world and is also a capitalist country.It is the third largest exporter of food in the world. It has the reputation of "European granary", and its agricultural output value accounts for 20%of the total domestic production value.Ukraine industry is more developed, and heavy industry occupies the main position in industries.

Ukraine is located in eastern Europe, covering an area of 60.37 million square kilometers (accounting for 2.7%of the original Soviet area), 1,300 kilometers long and 900 kilometers from north to south.In the south of Asia and the Black Sea, it is connected to Russia on the northeast of the land, neighbor in Belarus in the north, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary in the west, and Moldova and Romania in the south.Most of Ukraine belongs to the Eastern European plain, the highest peak is the Gorvilla Mountain (2061 meters above sea level) in the Karba Mountains in the west, and the longest river is the Dieber River.The climate is a temperate continental climate, and the south bank of the Crimean Peninsula is a subtropical climate.

Terrain and geological structure

The plain accounts for 95%of Ukraine's land area, and the average height of the plain is 175 meters above sea level.The highest point of the plain area is the Huojing height, with an altitude of 5151 meters. The lowest point of the plain area is the Black Sea and the Asia Sea coast, 2 meters above sea level.Plains can be divided into high and lowlands.The highland area is mainly located in the right bank of the Dieber River. There are the highlands along the Dibo River, the Podoliye heights and the Volon height.In the eastern part of Wu, there are the southwest branch of the China -Russia Highlands, the Doneds Highlands, and the Aceka Coastal Highlands.Highland area accounts for 25%of the land area.The lowlands are mainly located in the northern, central and southern parts of the Republic.The well -known ones are the lowlands of Palecia's low land, the low ground along the Black Sea, and the Low River on the Dieberg River, and the low land accounts for 70%of the land area.The western part of Ukraine is a mountain, mainly in the Karbaya Mountain, and the Crimea Mountains in the south.The area of mountainous areas only accounts for 5%of the land area.

Ukraine is in the range of the two major geological structures in Europe -Eastern European and Alps folds.Ernovz passed through the Moldova and the Lili Sea and folded to the waters of the northern part of the Ya Shi Sea.The low parts of the land and platforms in the Ukraine are composed of hard crystalline rocks (granite, basalt, shale, etc.) formed 10-3.5 billion years ago.consist of.The Alps folds are composed of sedimentary rocks formed within nearly 100 million years.

The characteristics of black geological structure are the constructor of its crust structure.There are many in many places on the crust.This makes the terrain, landforms and geological structures in various regions of Ukrai, which are large in terms of appearance, extension, minerals, and continental frame structures.These structures have become a natural basis for dividing different geological structure areas.


The main mountains in Ukraine are the Ukraine Karbarba Mountain. It is located in western Ukraine. The average height is 1,000 meters above sea level, and the highest place is 2061 meters.Extending from north to south 270 kilometers, more than 100 kilometers wide (Ukraine Karpal Paleka is part of the European Kalba Mountains).

The Crimean Mountains, located at the southernmost point of Ukraine, stretch 180 kilometers along the south bank of the Crimean Peninsula, 50 kilometers wide, and generally more than 500-1000 meters above sea level.


The plains of Ukraine are divided into highlands and low -land plains. The highland plains are Volon Highlands, Podoliye Highlands, the Dnieberg River Highlands, the Donets Highlands, the Alvas Highlands, and the China -Russia Highlands.The highland plains account for 25%of the total land area.There are lowlands in the lowlands, the lowlands along the Dieberg River, and the lowlands along the Black Sea.Low land area accounts for 70%of the total land area.

River, lake

There are a total of 73,000 rivers in Ukraine, of which 4,000 with a river length of more than 10 kilometers, and 131 with more than 100 kilometers.The famous rivers are: the Dieber River, 981 kilometers long (in the length of the Ukraine, the same below); the Danube, 174 kilometers long; 672 kilometers long;The river, 261 kilometers long, and the Deneste River, which mainly flows through the total length of the Ukraine, has a total length of 806 kilometers.

Ukraine is a total of 600,000 square kilometers in a country in eastern Europe. A total of about 45 million square kilometers. The capital is Kiev. After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine War, Ukraine has escaped abroad. According to the World Health Organization survey, there are still 2,000 left in Ukraine.There are more than 10,000 people.

August 24, 1991.

【Extended Information】

Chinese name: Ukraine

Belonging continent: Europe

Capital: Kiev

Main cities: Halkov, Vennica, Odessa, Donedsk, Lavff, etc.

National Day: August 24, 1991

National Anthem: "Ukraine is still in the world"

National Code: UKR

Official language: Ukrainian

Currency: Griffina

Times: UTC+2

Political system: semi -presidential Republican system

National Leaders: Vladimir Zelenezki (President), Jenis Shimagal (Prime Minister)

Number of population: 4113 million (June 2022, excluding Crimea region)

Population density: 75.5 people/square kilometers (2020)

Main nation: Ukrainian, Russians

Main religion: Orthodox Education

Land area: 603700 km2

Water rate: 7%

GDP Total: $ 153.5 billion (2019)

Per capita GDP: $ 3701 (2019)

International telephone area code: 380

International domain abbreviation: .ua

Road pass: driving on the right

Main institutions: Kiev National University, Kiev International Civil Aviation University, etc.

National structure: single system

Central Bank: National Bank of Ukraine

Important River: the Dieber River, the Danest River.

24 states in Ukraine.

Ukraine is divided into 27 administrative divisions, including 2 municipalities, 24 executives, and 1 autonomous republic.A total of 461 cities, 490 counties, 877 joint communities, 108 municipal districts, and 29,718 residents.

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