19682!The world's largest ice hockey palace welcomes the KHL All -Star Game, a record high!Tonight tonight!

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Original title: 19682 people!Themoment information world's largest ice hockey palace welcomes the KHL All -Star Game, a record high!Tonight tonight!

On December 10th, Beijing time, KHL will take you to understand the big highlights of the recent league!

Beijing time +5


Wonderful performances and the number of people at the scene

Before the 2023 KHL All -Star Game, the world's most prestigious pop dance troupe in Russia (Todes) performed a performance showing the main attractions in St. Petersburg. A total of 220 dancers participated in the performance.

On the first day of the KHL All -Star Game, a total of 19,682 people in the new SKA Arena of St. Petersburg came to the scene to participate in the KHL season's largest ice hockey festival to reach a new high -star match, breaking the record of "1,5100 people" manufactured in the 2010 Mingsk All -Star Game.

Master of the skills of the Bolobrov Area

There were three competitions on the first day of the technical competition on Saturday, the fastest, precise shots and captain competitions.

Interestingly, the three championships are from the Bolobrov Area. The young defender of the Army Alexander Nikashen scored 168.28 km/h to become the fastest shot player.

Spartak's Pavier Poliakin only hit all 5 targets in 6 seconds in just 7 seconds, and the team captain Spartnikle Gordobin won the team's long -term competition.

Three -person ice hockey competition

In the three-person ice hockey game, the players in Chelneff and the Haramov Division staged a goal game. Haramov staged the score in the last minute in the last minute of the score of the good scene.In the last 30 seconds, the Best Player of the Best Player of the JHL All -Star Game Challenge Cup, Svercio Coriezkov scoring one goal to help his team to complete the reversal.

In the Finals, the Haramov Division will meet with the Tarasov Division and defeat the Bolobrov Division in the Semi-finals of the Tarrav Division to successfully advance to the finals with 8-6 points.

The final day of the ice hockey palace KHL All -Star Game

In the first day of the game, there are two stages, which are technical competitions and three -player ice hockey finals and bronze medals.There are three competitions in the skills competition.Among them are running circles, penalties and goalkeeper competitions.In the three -person ice hockey match, the Haramov and the Tarassov region competed for the title of the three -man ice hockey championship in the All -Star Championship, while the Bolobrov and Chelneff are competing for the bronze medal.

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