Toyota's new Prado Europe is listed, come and watch!

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Toyota began to sell new Prado in Europe (parameters 丨 Picture)

On December 5th,Current Affairs Toyota launched an order in the European continent J250 (New Prado).In EU countries, SUVs are referred to as Toyota land cruisers.

In the European Union, Land Cruiser J250 is only equipped with a power device: 2.8 -liter turbine diesel engine and 8 -speed Aisin automatic transmission.

Of course, the driver device is a permanent all -wheel drive with a central differential, low -grade differentials, and locking the central and rear differentials.Engine power -204 horsepower.

According to marketing practices, at the beginning of sales, Prestige and Executive provided the richest configuration, equipped with multimedia, including 12.3 -inch screens, 10 or 14 audio speakers, comprehensive viewing systems and unlocked front stabilizers.

In addition, in order to commemorate the model update, Toyota has launched a special limited edition FIRST EDITION. Its style is the same as the classic land cruiser J40, with beige or blue body, white roof, circular daytime running light headlights, gray gray, grayAlloy wheels and unique design.Interior decoration is also more sophisticated.

This series is planned to launch a mild hybrid model (may be similar to Hilux) equipped with a 48 -volt generator in 2025.

The J250 will be shipped to EU customers in the third quarter of 2024.

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