The hotel's investment in another golden period is coming.

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Source of this News informationarticle: Time Finance Author: Zhong Cai

In 2023, the domestic tourism industry continued to be hot, and the hotel industry also ushered in new opportunities.

On December 28, the Huaju Partner Conference for three years was held in Changsha, Hunan, attracting nearly 3,000 ecosystem partners offline.As a franchisee or potential franchisee of Huazhu Group, they come from all over the country. In addition to exchanging the business results of the past year, they also listened to the thinking environment and hotel investment of the current commercial environment and hotel investment.

On the stage of this year's partner conference, Ji Qi is still a black suit.As a leader in the Chinese hotel industry, Ji Qi rewritten the Chinese hotel industry pattern with a subversive development model.In the past three years, Ji Qi inspected 63 third -tier cities and saw new investment opportunities in the hotel industry in the sinking market.Investing in China and cultivating China, "doing China as the world" is always a investment strategy of Huazhu.

Ji Qi believes that the entire Chinese hotel industry today is not a flat state, nor is it a passion or promotion state, but in the process of supply -side reform.Ji Qi summarized the investment logic of the "Tough Era" as "Four Low and Four Precepts", and pointed out that another golden period for hotel investment in China.

"No one will miss a trip"

It is undeniable that in 2023, the hot tourism industry is one of the most prominent tracks.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in the first three quarters of 2023, the number of domestic tourists in my country reached 3.67 billion, and tourism revenue was 3.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 75%and 114%year -on -year, especially the summer heat was significantly higher than 2019. The tourism industry presented in the tourism industry. Fully recover.Driven by this, the hotel industry also performs strong.

Human voices came back, bringing confidence to the hotel industry.During more than an hour of sharing, Ji Qi passed the firmness of investing in China and cultivating China more than once.In his opinion, China is still the world's most attractive investment fertile soil and important economies."When you see the situation clearly, you will find that China is the most worthwhile place in China." Ji Qi further pointed out that another golden period for investment in Chinese hotels has appeared.

Data show that in 2023, Huazhu Group received 250 million+residents, and an average of 12 travelers who traveled to live in China.In addition, in 2023, the average hotel in China is opened every day.As of September 30, 2023, Hua lived in 9,157 hotels in 18 countries. The number of guest rooms was about 885,800, and 2,970 hotels were opened.

At the same time, the changes in consumption trends and the way of travel also affect the main business models and investment strategies of the Chinese hotel industry in the future.

Ji Qi shared that, like the popularity of the public, "the Chinese are more and more attached to fun and save money, not luxury consumption." Chinese consumers are undergoing important changes in the way of travel. Traveling is no longer or needed.Then it is a luxury product, and it has become a daily necessities. Therefore, the number of tourism has also developed from low frequency to high frequency, from single to multi -level, from planned to casual.

Hotel investment logic in the era of toughness

Although the hotel industry has a strong recovery, the performance between different enterprises is still differentiated. Especially as the real estate dividend disappears, the hotel industry enters the era of stock, how to fight risks and crossing cycles is still an important issue in front of the hotel people.

In the past three years, Ji Qi has inspected 63 third- and fourth -tier cities, passing 172 prefecture -level cities, 28 county -level cities, covering 1.6 million square kilometers, 800 million people, deeper and sinking.The understanding of the hotel market also comes from the measurement of footsteps and observation of the whereabouts.

Ji Qi pointed out that the supply -side structural reform of the Chinese hotel industry is still underway, and it is constantly deepening. "At present, the hotel industry's developer model, development zone model and landmark model have been over.During the operating stage, from the original required face and sign, now the efficiency must be returned, and the cash flow is required. "

How to seize investment opportunities, Ji Qi further summarized the "three good" and "four lows and four precepts" of hotel investment logic in the "Tough Era"."San Good" is a good brand, good product, good rent."Four lows and four precepts", that is, the low -line market, low cost, low investment and low leverage, as well as impetuousness, abstinence, abstinence, good luck, and high -profile.

Good rent, low cost, and low leverage are the safety line of investment returns.In the past two years, there have been many trends such as the decline in rental rates and rents in many cities. In addition, the decline in prices such as Jian'an and materials also means that the rent costs and overall investment in investment in hotel properties have declined simultaneously.According to data, the current rent -and -sales ratio of third- and fourth -tier cities is 20%, while the first and second -tier cities are 34%. "This is the advantage of low -tier cities. The rental ratio is low and the rent is cheap." Ji Qi said.

Data show that the chain rates of China's first, second -tier, third -tier, and fourth -tier cities are 44%, 36%, 25%, and 14%in order. Compared with more than 70%of developed countries, chain hotels are huge in low -line citiesGrowth space.

As of the third quarter of 2023, 40%of Hua Hua was located in low -line cities, and 55%of the hotels were distributed in low -line cities, accounting for further proportion.Judging from the business data of Huahua in the past few years, the lower the cities, the better, especially the limited service hotels composed of economic and mid -range hotels have shown better anti -risk capabilities.

At present, Huazhu has formed a "iron triangle" with Hanting, all season and oranges as the market, and "sea friends" that have improved innovative improvements in economical hotels.

In this era of low prices, in the face of the uncertainty of the external environment, low -level cities, low cost, low investment, and low leverage are the laws of the hotel industry leaping cycle. "When the crisis comes, the Han Ting and the whole seasonThese are the most stable. "Ji Qi said.

The increment of the Chinese hotel industry is joining

Under the market change, maintaining a certain speed every year is an inevitable choice for head hotel groups to ensure the competitiveness of the industry.

Ji Qi pointed out that leasing properties and franchise brands will put the main business model of the Chinese hotel industry in the future, and it is also a method and strategy for Huazhu to improve market share. "The increase in China's hotel industry is joining."

In 2023, Huazhu's hotel covered 96%of China's prefecture -level cities and 42%of counties.In the next three years, Ji Qi plans to continue to travel to 293 prefecture -level cities in China.Jin Hui, CEO of Huazhu Group, also pointed out that Huazhu will definitely open every county in China.

For franchisees, investment returns, market feedback, and brand influence are the core elements of choosing hotel investment franchise. High -quality growth also brings more confidence to franchisees.

How to build high -quality development, Jin Hui proposed three parts: technological innovation, lean growth and creating excellent service.

Jin Hui introduced that in 2023, Huazhu opened a comprehensive digital restructuring management business process, and rewritten the operating mechanism with digitalization, such as the super store manager project and the upcoming Huadou shopkeeper 2.0.In the future, Huazhu will join hands with China's excellent and hardware suppliers to create a digital strategy of Huazhu, transform in comprehensive intelligence and AI, and reconstruct the entire hotel management process and operation details.

In addition, Huaju has switched the past pursuit of large -scale growth models into a lean growth strategy based on qualified stores.Under the strategic transformation, Huazhu's lease rate continued to recover, showing the trend of leading the industry in terms of single -room income and single -store profit.

For the first time in 2024, Huazhu proposed to create excellent service for the first time.To implement the specific level, Huazhu and reshape the global washing supply chain to solve the final shortcomings of the entire chain industry-the management of catering. By creating a catering supply chain, it meets the safety and quality of all store food.

In addition, the first "Blue Dot Award" was released during the Huazhu Partner Conference.Among the nearly 10,000 hotels, in the end, 5 hotels at Hanting Chengdu Kuanzhai Lane, Orange Wusong Stadium Hotel, Beijing Qianmen Siheyuan Mori House, Shanghai Jinqiao Jiayou Meiju Hotel, Berlin Prime Minister's Shibai Pavilion Hotel won this honor.

The prize is the main criteria for judging standards, including hotel management behavior, business performance, customer experience and good employees, and sets model samples for hotels of different grades.The Jia Hotel award is the essence of Huazhu to build hotel management experience.

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