Langou's corporate management point | Reply to customer delivery, not a businessman's sentence

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Original title: Langou's corporate management perspective | Reply to customer delivery period,时事热点 not a businessman's sentence

| Introduction

In the manufacturing industry, customers are very concerned about the date of delivery of orders, and once the delivery period is responding, it means that they make a commitment to customers.Therefore, Langou's enterprise management believes that it is crucial to quickly and accurately respond to customers' dating time.But the problem is that it is often difficult for us to make a reasonable reply.For example, when the customer asked, "Can I deliver this order on the 10th of next month?" Our salesperson often responded like this: "Six or Seven days" "half a month" "about 10 days".Obviously, this is not the answer that the customer wants, and it will confuse the company's production department and procurement department.

The order of order is not a businessman, but involves multiple departments, including the procurement department, production department, PMC department, warehouse management department, etc.So, how to accurately reply to the customer's delivery?Langou's corporate management combined with the actual combat experience of the factory, from the perspective of management, share 6 key steps, hoping to help you.

Many companies do not use "receiving orders" as an important node for factory production management to control and control, resulting in incomplete order information, inaccurate customer requirements, incomplete product packaging materials, and inaccurate payment periods, which often cause customer loss.

When we pick up the order, we have to learn to manage customers. This is a view that Lang Europe's corporate management often emphasizes.Many times our salesperson thinks that customers are God, and we have to serve customers well.But in fact, customers sometimes need to be managed, because customers will also develop some randomness during the process of being served.Our management is to control the randomness of customers.

The order is a link connecting customers and enterprises. When we pick up the order, we must clarify product functions, delivery requirements, and quality requirements with customers, including product packaging methods.

Langou Enterprise Management: First of all, it is necessary to clarify customer needs

The analysis of capacity load is mainly aimed at the types of products, the process of the product, the machine and equipment used, the total standard working hours of the product, the standard time of each process, the time of the material's preparation, and the product production line and the need for warehouses required for the warehouse area.analyze.Capacity load analysis,,Generally include human load analysis and machine load analysis, material load analysisthisthree aspects.

The analysis of capacity load is a conventional action that our factory needs to do. Through production capacity analysis, understand the capacity load of human, material and equipment of each process.For example, after receiving an order, can I be satisfied with each of my processes, my manpower, material resources, and equipment?How long can it be delivered?

In many factories, we can see a phenomenon that does not need to be shipped. It has made a lot of products piled up in the warehouse, but the products that customers urgently need cannot be made.This is largely because there is no analysis of every order.

The orders have clear quantities and the requirements of the delivery period. When the order exceeds the supply capacity of the factory, there will be a situation where the delivery is not synchronized, that is, it cannot be delivered on time.Therefore, we need to analyze the total amount of orders.How many orders have been taken before?We now add such a 100,000 PCS order. How many products can I hand in every day to customers?

Especially when the industry's overall demand is strong, all customers will increase the order volume, and the order is entered into the factory like floods.At this time, the total amount of orders is particularly important. We need to arrange customer orders according to factors such as the size of the order.After analyzing the total amount of orders, we only know how our production is.

Langou Enterprise Management: The total order of orders should be analyzed

When we clear the needs of customers, the capacity load is also analyzed, and the total order is ranked. At this time, we need to decompose the date.The orders they are connected are very detailed to the launch and completion time of each workshop, and even the time and completion time of each process.Of course, at this time of decomposition, we have to leave a little wide time.

The distance between the transportation method and the distance will affect the delivery period.We need to clearly transport the way of transportation with our customers, whether it is the customer's self -mention, or the sea transportation, air transportation, or sending it to the customer factory?If the customer mention it, the delivery time of the customer is the time for us to enter the warehouse; if we are doing foreign orders, we may send to the dock.Capital time.These must be confirmed in advance with customers.

Langou Enterprise Management: How to transport orders and finished products in advance to confirm in advance

Through the first five actions, we already have a relatively accurate customer payment period. We also need to formulate the "Order Review Form" and let the responsible persons of each department signed and confirmed.After the signature is confirmed, the "Order Review Form" is handed over to the business department, and the business department will accurately reply to the customer's submission.

actually,Respect the customer's delivery accurately,,It is a process of constantly building trust with customers.We often see the phenomenon of layers of delivery in the enterprise.For example, the real delivery period of the customer is No. 10, but the customer is worried that the factory will not be able to pay the goods, and then the delivery period will be 1 week in advance, and then the customer tells the salesperson that the 3rd will be delivered on the 3rd; and the business department will issue the PMC department.During the mission, he had the same concern. He was afraid that the production department could not do it. He felt that the No. 3 would not work, so the salesperson told the PMC department that the order 30 would be delivered, so the delivery period was 3 days in advance for 3 days ahead of 3 days.; When the PMC department is in the production plan, it becomes the 25th when it is conveyed to the production department for the same consideration.It is conceivable that the compression of time may be compressed with the quality, and it may be delivered on time on time, but it is difficult to keep the quality of shipments. In the long run, the production staff of the enterprise will be exhausted.

Speaking of this, Langou's enterprise management also wants to emphasize one thing: In the enterprise, when you and customers, the business department and the production department and the PMC department. If you lose trust, you will come and go to establish trust later, and you will change.It is getting more and more difficult.Therefore, we must pay attention to the intersection period and the establishment of the trust with customers, so that we can do more with less.

Langou Enterprise Management: Customer Order Review Form (Example)


Every time we accurately reply to the customer's delivery period, our order demand will become very real, and our interval needs will become very real, and the operation of the factory will become more and more benign and efficient.Therefore, for factories management, fast and accurate interdental reply is critical.How to do it?Langou's enterprise management summarizes these 6: timely confirmation of customer needs and data, analyzing production capacity load, analyzing the total amount of orders, making a good job of firing, clarifying transportation methods, and signing the "Order Review Form".

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