The war was restarted, and the army bombed 400 times a day.

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  How difficult is breaking newsit to return to peace?Gaza's war restarted, and the army changed his own. He bombed more than 400 targets within a day. The US -made bomb Yiping Building. In an emergency, 40 trucks in China drove into Gaza.

  After the Pakistani Temporary suspension agreement expired, the Baki -Israel conflict was re -ignited, and the army was transferred to the south of Gaza in a large scale. At the same time, it launched a round of attacks on the southern part of Gaza, and even bombarded more than 400 targets within a day.

  Palestinian President Abbas said Israel's move is to resume Gaza and establish a buffer zone.Palestine expressed his resolute rejection, hoping that the international community would stand with Palestine and oppose Israel's atrocities.

  Now most of the Palestinian people have fled to the south of Gaza. Before Israel also forced the residents of the northern part of Gaza to move towards the south. Now Israel's large -scale non -difference attack attacks the south, which will inevitably cause a large number of people.It will cause serious humanitarian disasters.

  But Israel didn't care about these, because their goal was the Palestinian people.According to the news report, this Monday, a battlefield reporter in the Gaza Strip exposed a video on the social platform. The picture shows that a residential building of Gaza was attacked by a bomb.For the flat ground, the smoke was rolling on the scene, and the screams continued.

  Israel's use of large -scale lethal weapons for residential buildings has aroused strong dissatisfaction and condemnation from the international community.This bomb has also received the attention and discussion of the outside world.

  It is understood that this bomb used by the Israeli Army is an accurate guidance bomb with a US-made bomb with a model GBU-28. This bomb can be filled with high explosives weighing 306 kg in the body and can drill 60 meters underground. For underground bunkersAs a result of devastating blows, a GBU-28 missile had killed nearly a thousand civilians in the bunker.

  The first time this bomb appeared was on the battlefield of the Gulf War. At that time, the U.S. military used this bomb to bomb the underground command post in Iraqida. This bomb showed a huge power. The U.S. military achieved satisfactory results.Then he continued to develop drilling bombs.

  Obviously, the GBU-28 missile used by the Israeli Army is provided by the United States.As we all know, since the outbreak of Pakistani conflicts in this round, the United States has stood behind Israel firmly, not only endorsing Israel in the international community, but also providing various support.Last month, the Bayeng government applied to Congress to provide Israel with $ 14.3 billion in assistance to reflect the support for Israel.

  At the same time, according to Russian media reports, the United States provided a large number of "bomb bombs" to Israel to bomb Hamas, hiding in the authentic of Gaza.

  In addition, the US "Wall Street Journal" quoted the news of U.S. officials who did not want to disclose their names. Since the outbreak of Palestinian Palestinians, the United States has provided Israel with about 15,000 bombs and 57,000 shells, including 100 models, including 100 modelsThe "Fort Bomb" for BLU-109.

  Some netizens believe that the United States and Israel have stood on the opposite side of human conscience and will pay a painful price of morality.In sharp contrast to this, when Israel attacked the southern part of Gaza, the Chinese side shot, and 40 trucks entered Gasha.

  According to the Beijing News, last Sunday, the signing and signing ceremony of the supplies was held in Cairo, Egypt. China will provide 40 vehicles for residents of Gaza, and the first batch of materials have reached Egypt, waiting to enter Gasha through the La Fa port.

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