(Sports) In the first round of the U.S. Golf Masters: Ram, Popular Card, and Hofland tied for the first broadcast article

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  Xinhua News Agency,breaking news Augusta, August 6th (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) The 87th American Golf Masters ended in the first round of the first round of the Augusta National Golf Club.Joan Ram, the third -ranking Spanish player, and Norwegian player Victor Hofeland, and American player Brooks Coperca tied with 65 shots."Tiger" Woods scored 74 shots and ranked 54th in the side.

  Joan Ram opened the sand pit first and swallowed the double "cypress bogey", but caught 7 "birds" and 1 "eagle" in the subsequent 17 caves, and eventually below the standard poleThe score of 7 is finished.After the game, he said: "Playing double 'Bai Bo" or' Four Pushes' is not a good result, especially in the first hole. After happy, things have not become worse.The judgment of the judgment is also good. "

  The science card caught 8 "birds" in the audience and swallowed 1 "Bai Taber".He said: "Today I gave myself a good head. Although there were some opportunities in the back, I felt very good as a whole. I am very happy."In competitors, he said: "I feel very good to kick off and push the rod, but the game is played every day. Every time I play the ball, I need to let myself reach the best state."

  In the first day of the game, Hofland caught 5 "birds" and 1 "eagle", and did not swallow "Bai Tab".After the game, he said: "We don't know what the weather will become in the next few days. It is great to seize the opportunity when it is relatively simple in the court.I am very happy, I have a good start. "

  Holfland was in the same group as "Tiger" today. He said: "At first, I was a little nervous when I heard the same group as the Tiger, but then I let myself calm down.Fear of the same group with 'Tiger' must overcome this emotion. "

  Woods made 74 shots on the first day, ranking 54th in tied.Woods said that many players had a low number that day, and she regretted that she could not do it.Old leg injuries made him walk on the ups and downs for a long time, which was difficult to walk for a long time, which affected his performance."The weather in the next few rounds will change, and the game will also become more dramatic. If I can enter the finals of the weekend, I hope to have a more positive result."

  The 87th American Golf Masters participated in 88 players, and 86 players completed the first round.After the second round, the top 50 players (including side by side) will be qualified for promotion.(over)

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