Industry views / tourism industry: Hebei accelerates the recovery of China -Thailand routes

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  Figure: The时事热点 tour group from Thailand entered Kunming, China, and was welcomed by the local area./China News Agency

  The news of the permanent exemption of visas from China and Thailand has also detonated the tourism industry.Wang Yiyu, general manager of Xiamen Jianfa International Travel Group, said that as soon as the news came out, the group's outbound tourism business port successively received the citizens' consultation on Thailand's tourism, and the entrance of the entry tourism business also received the needs of the Thai group.China and Thailand permanently exempt from each other as a "golden key" that opens the door to each other and welcome tourists on both sides.Jianfa International Travel Group enjoy the beauty of the two countries together. "Li Peng, general manager of the China Travel General Manager of Zigong Shenzhou Sichuan, told Dagong Pao that the current direct flight recovery rate of direct flights in Thailand is not very high. There hasCan accelerate the recovery of future routes.

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