Japan's cannon earthquake has killed 81 people and 51 people lost contact.

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  Xinhua News Agency,惊爆资讯 Tokyo, January 4th (Reporter Jiang Qiao Mei) According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association reported on the 4th, the earthquake in the Neng Peninsula of Ishikawa County has caused 81 people in the county to die and 51 life and death.

  This is the ruins of the "Wan Island Morning Market" shot in Omuchor City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoyu)

  Search and rescue work is still in progress.Some experts believe that as the last time limit for rescue "Gold 72 hours" is approaching, the chance of survival of the trapped persons will be greatly reduced.In addition, severe weather such as rainy areas may cause trapped people to get warm.

  Affected by factors such as weather and road interruption, the rescue supplies were not transported smoothly, and the living materials in the earthquake -stricken area of the Peninsula could be in a serious shortage.At present, there are many people with refuge, and food, water, heating equipment, and drugs are seriously inadequate.

  This isOn January 3, people resting in a temporary shelter that accommodates over 700 people in Shikawa Prefecture, Japan.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xiaoyu)

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