The United Nations said the humanitarian rescue operation in the Gasha area is "unsustainable"

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The United Nations said its humanitarian rescue work in Gasha is on the verge of collapse and said that the transportation of assistance materials has become "unstable" and "unreliable".This warning was issued when the Israeli army strengthened the attack on the southern part of Gaza. Thousands of civilians had fled there to seek safety.

Deputy Secretary -General of the United Nations, Martin Griffiths, at a press conference held by Martin Griffiths in Geneva the terrible situation of Gaza. He said that as the Israeli army moved south to protect non -fightingThe personnel's plan is "difficult to continue."

"We can no longer be called humanitarian operations in the humanitarian action in southern Gaza," he said on Thursday.他还说,以色列的Popular information袭击“让加沙南部的平民找不到安全的地方,PK God而那里一直是Popular information人道主义计划的基石,旨在保护平民,Football Star Jersey从而向他们提供援助……但如果没有安全的地方,这个The plan will be broken. "

The official went on to say that the action of the United Nations has deteriorated into a "opportunity program". He lamented that the supplies were extremely short and could not provide assistance to the large areas of the Gaza Strip."This is unstable, unreliable, frankly, this is unsustainable." Griffis continued.

Although Israeli officials had previously urged the Palestinian to withdraw from the southern cities of Gaza, the recent attack on the region caused "another wave of displacement", and the head of the Palestinian refugee institution, THOMAS White, the head of the Palestinian refugee institution.About 85%of the flying land population is displaced in the conflict, about 1.9 million people.

In order to emphasize the urgency of the crisis, the United Nations Secretary -General Antonio Guterres subsequently quoted Article 99 that rarely used in the UN Charter to warn the "humanitarian disaster" in the Security Council Gaza Strip.He said that as the war continued for more than two months, Gaza's humanitarian aid network faced "serious collapse risk."

On Friday, the Security Council proposed a resolution requested to stop fire. Although there were 13 other countries support, the United States voted against the resolution.According to Robert Wood, deputy ambassador to the United Nations, the United States has rejected the measure because it is "hastily" and "out of reality", and he also pointed out that there was no wording that included condemnation of Hamas.

The White House publicly objected to the full ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, claiming that this move will only be beneficial to Hamas, but it supports a short -term "suspension" battle at the end of last month.240 Palestinian who were detained in Israeli prison.This also brought more humanitarian supplies into the siege Palestinian flying land to win the time.

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