The seminar on "The 75th Anniversary of the Declaration of the World Human Rights" is provided with Chinese samples for the development of world human rights with actual actions.

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  December 10 is hot newsWorld Human Rights Day.Today (4th), the seminar on "The 75th Anniversary of the" Declaration of the World Human Rights "was held in Beijing.More than 70 participating guests, including the heads of the central and state organs and relevant central media departments, experts and scholars in the field of human rights, and representatives of social organizations.The problem was discussed.

  On December 10, 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the "World Human Rights Declaration", a milestone literature.The guests said that China, as an active participant drafted by the Declaration, has been actively participating in, advocating and practicing the Declaration for 75 years.

  Participants pointed out that China adheres to the important task of respecting and protecting human rights as an important task to govern the country, writing "national respect and protection of human rights" into the constitution, achieving all nearly 100 million rural poor people out of poverty, and building the world's largest largest in the worldThe education system, social security system, and medical and health system, continuously develop the entire process of people's democracy, improve the protection of human rights rule of law, build a well -off society in an all -round way, and actively participate in global human rights governance.

  Participants believe that China has enriched world human rights practice with practical actions, provides Chinese samples for world human rights development, creates a new form of human civilization, and is a cohesion of the current human rights development that is facing turbulent human rights in the world.

  Liu Huawen, Executive Director of Human Rights Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:Human rights are not only ideas in China, but also action. Human rights are real in China. They are good days that everyone can see.Our country has formulated the fourth phase of the National Human Rights Action Plan and is now implementing the fourth National Human Rights Action Plan.China firmly walks on its own development path, firmly confident, constantly strives, while actively participating in international human rights governance.In the context of today's era, it is a very firm force to promote the comprehensive development of human rights.

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