The feasibility report of the project in Jiangluo mining area of Jinhui Co., Ltd. is expected to form a new support point for sustainable development.

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On the evening of November 27th,frontline information Jinhui Co., Ltd. (603132) disclosed the Feasibility Study Report on Mineral Processing Project of Lead-zinc Mine in Jiangluo Mining Area of Jinhui Mining Co., Ltd. (3 million tons per year). The design scale of mineral processing project of lead-zinc mine in Jiangluo Mining Area (3 million tons per year) is 300×104t/a and the service life is 15 years. After three months of brewing, Jinhui Co., Ltd. has completed the integration of lead and zinc resources in Jiangluo mining area. With the disclosure of the feasibility report, the company's development strategy in Jiangluo mining area officially landed.

Xicheng lead-zinc ore field is one of the super-large lead-zinc ore fields in China, and Jiangluo mining area in Huixian County is the core of this super-large ore field. According to the General Plan of Mineral Resources in Gansu Province (2021-2025) and other policy documents to promote the green development and rise of mining industry in Longnan, Jinhui Co., Ltd. will make full use of the platform advantages of listed companies, take the standard of Jinhui Co., Ltd. (a first-class and world-leading green mine in China), base on Longnan, and plan to invest 5 billion yuan to integrate and transform Jiangluo mining area into an environmentally-friendly, safe and resource-efficient green mine with an annual production capacity of 3 million tons in two phases.

In August, 2023, the People's Government of Huixian County signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Jinhui Co., Ltd. in order to strictly implement the requirements of "one mining area is developed by one subject, and different mining rights and resources in the same area and the same deposit are integrated", stipulating that the company will integrate lead and zinc resources in Jiangluo mining area of Huixian County, Gansu Province, and plans to complete a total investment of about 5 billion yuan in Jiangluo mining area and build a modern mine with an annual mining and dressing capacity of 3 million tons. For this strategic cooperation, the company said that if the agreement can be effectively implemented, in the long run, the promotion of the project will inject new vitality into the company's bigger and stronger, further enhance the company's competitiveness in the industry, and help the company to strengthen its main business and achieve sustainable development.

According to the construction unit's grasp of the exploration of multiple mineral resources in Jiangluo mining area, the project scale of this design is 300×104t/a, and two new concentrators are demolished and rebuilt on the original sites of Xiejiagou and Minghao in this design, with the processing capacity of 5000t/d, namely 150×104t/a respectively. The design work system of the concentrator is 300d/a, 3 shifts/day and 8 hours/shift, and the service life of the mine is 15 years, of which the production year is 13 years, and the production year is 3 to 15 years.

After the completion of this project, good economic benefits can be achieved. During the operation period of the project, the average annual operating income is 1,907,853,600 yuan/year, the tax and surcharge are 77,646,700 yuan/year, the total profit is 354,239,300 yuan/year, the income tax is 53,135,900 yuan/year, and the after-tax profit is 301,103,400 yuan/year. The financial internal rate of return of the project investment is 14.55% (after income tax), and the payback period is 7.12 years (after income tax, including the capital construction period).

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