The Russian and Ukraine War lasted for two years. Russia thoroughly solved the strength of NATO and Europe through this war.

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Thehotly discussed information Russian and Ukraine War has been last for two years. Russia has deeply understood the strength of NATO and Europe through this war, and has clearer its status.Today, Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads, and naturally does not care about conflicts with the United States.In fact, this war is likely to break out.Putin's goal is to ensure that Russia's peace in the next decades will show Russia's strength and determination through this war.

Next, we pay attention to the third thing: Russia delivered a group of gifts to Iran.Iran has confirmed that they will purchase the Soviet three five fighters and Mi 28 helicopters from Russia.Friends, the US aircraft carrier now stops at the door of Iran's house, and Israel and Iran have a ruthless talk.Israel said that Iran would never succeed, and Iran said that as long as they were strong, Israel would disappear from the map.On this key node, Russia will definitely cause US vigilance against Iran's export fighters.Some people may ask, why do Russia do this?Why do you provide a fighter at this critical moment?

On the one hand, Iran's ordering weapons from Russia can help Russia to relieve urgent need.These money can be used to alleviate Russia's fiscal pressure. Isn't war that requires money support?So the question is, where does Iran come from?Don't forget that our oriental country and Iran have signed a 25 -year strategic cooperation agreement, covering weapons and energy cooperation.Simply put, this time we indirectly help Russia through Iran.We gave the money to Iran, and then Iran used the money to buy Russian fighters, and the money entered Russia's pocket.At the same time, these fighters can also make Iran stronger, and the strength of Iran is also a good thing for us because we are now competing with the United States in the Middle East.

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