Jufeng Restart: The two cities have lowered and lowering the pharmaceutical sector rising against the trend

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【Jufeng Viewpoint】

On Wednesday,热门新闻 A shares fluctuated lower,Shanghai indexFalling more than 3000 points again, the GEM led.On the market,Chemical and pharmaceuticalAs well astraditional Chinese medicineAs well asInstrumentAs well asprofessional serviceAs well asPharmaceutical businessAs well asPublic utilityAs well asGeneral EquipmentAs well asMotorAs well asGasAs well ascar partsWaiting for the industry to increase;Photovoltaic equipmentAs well asMetal, Winemaking,Communication serviceAs well asWind powerAs well asfood and drinkAs well asInsuranceAs well asTourist hotelAs well asBatteryWaiting for the industry to fall.themeIn terms of stockrobotActuator,reducerAs well asNew crown drugAs well asinfluenza, Wait for the lead,Concept of chickenAs well asHigh bandwidth memoryAs well asDairy industryAs well asLease and sale, BC,Pork conceptAs well asLiquor, TOPCON and other declines.

【Technology Viewing】

In the middle period, the market is now in the rise after the mid -term shock.In the short term, the broader market has quickly adjusted into the short market, and the weekly adjustment is launched. The short -term control of the warehouse is mainly based on the warehouse.

【Hot Plates】

State -owned enterprise reformRaising the tide of daily daily daily daily daily daily daily daily limit,Yunwei sharesAs well asThree Gorges AAs well asHangzhou tooth forwardAs well asNanjing Public UtilizationAs well asNanning Department StoreAs well asWendou HoldingsWait for 20 shares.

Strong concept:Giant Wheel SmartAs well asKe Li sensingDaily limit,Green harmonicAs well asStepkeeAs well asWuzhou New YearAs well asHaozhi ElectromechanicalAs well asZhongda DedaAs well asFengli SmartWait for the increase.

Multi -modal AIConcept after afternoon rising:Net software9 days 5 boards,Hanwang TechnologyAs well asSuzhou KodaAs well asYun Ding TechnologyDaily limit,National new cultureAs well asKaipuyunWait for the increase.

【I want to listen to】

The Central Economic Work Conference determines the "positive" main tone

Comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, promote high -level scientific and technological self -reliance, increase macro -control, overall planning to expand domestic demand and deepen supply -side structural reforms, and strengthen macro policies against cycle and cyclical regulation, continue to implement positive fiscal policies and stable stablecurrencyPolicies and so on ... The just -concluded Central Economic Work Conference made important deployment in 2024.

Increased funds continue to enter the marketETFThe trading volume is significantly enlarged

Recently, many ETFs have continued to receive net funds, the transaction volume has been significantly enlarged, and the signal of funds entering the market is obvious.On December 11th, the equity ETF net purchase amount exceeded 6 billion yuan; if the period is long, the stock -type ETF net purchase volume has exceeded 20 billion yuan since December.From the perspective of industry insiders, medium and long -term funds are entering the venue one after another, and the subsequent incremental funds can be expected. The current value of A -share allocation is prominent.

The three major indexes of the US stocks have risen collectivelysemiconductorIncrease

The three major indexes of the US stocks rose collectively, the Dow rose 0.48%, the NATO index rose 0.7%, the S & P 500 index rose 0.46%. Most of the popular technology stocks rose.BroadcomRose over 4%, AMD, META,NvidiaOver 2%.Metal raw materials, oil and oil and oilnatural gas, Department Store Store Plate Falls,Messi Department StoreFalling over 8%, Kor Dalon mining fell nearly 6%,Kerr Department StoreFall more than 4%.

【Funding Trends】

According to the statistics of Dongcai, as of the close of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities, the net outflow of funds was present. On the same day, the funds of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities exported a total of 310.76 billion yuan in funds on the same day.Among them, the large single net outflow of 1.2767 billion yuan, the large single net outflow of 18.309 billion, the middle single2.285 billion yuan, small single net inflow of 28.791 billion yuan.

【Daily Daily Analysis】

Today's daily limit 40, the daily limit 9;

Today, the number of daily limit boards between the two cities decreased compared with the previous trading day, and the number of daily limit boards increased and the previous trading day.The daily limit data shows that the market emotions today have fallen compared to the previous transaction.CampaignData show that the daily limit of the two cities is mostly concentrated in,AIThe theme of the two cities is average, and the effect of making money is average.

【Viewpoint Strategy】

In the early trading, the three major indexes of the A -shares opened low, and the Shanghai Index lost 3000 points again.On the plate, the concept lifts the daily limit,Robotic actuatorAs well asAzheima,,,Concept of heparin, ,,,,Tax refund storeAs well asIndustrial mother machineThe plate is located at the top of the gain list.Wine wine, lithium battery, chicken, photovoltaic, real estate, pork, etc. are not well performed well, leading the market.

In the afternoon, the computer application ,, and other sectors weakened. The water sector and concepts rose against the market. The stock index continued to bottom out. The A50 phase index fell more than 2%.The trading volume of the two cities is less than 800 billion yuan.The northbound funds sold 5.95 billion in the morning, and continued to flow out quickly in the afternoon, and the net outflow of exceeding 10 billion yuan throughout the day.The North Stock 50 Index has soared by 4%, and the number of state -owned assets reform in the sector has risen sharply.

Since August, the adjustment of A shares is mainly affected by the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate and geopolitical factors.Recently, the market is densely released: the proportion of financing margin has been reduced, and the central bank has decreasedDeposit reserveRate; many cities have announced the cancellation of housing purchase restrictions, and many economic data since August further proved the domestic economic recovery;Increase1 trillion yuan of Treasury bonds support the reconstruction of reconstruction and enhance disaster prevention and disaster relief capabilities after the disaster; multiple favorable news stimulates the positive stimulation of A shares.From the mid -term perspective, with the implementation of various counter -cyclical adjustment policies and measures, the domestic economy enters the recovery cycle, and A shares will prove the market bottom and shock up. Therefore, it is currently an opportunity for low layouts.

Investment recommendations: Jufeng Investment believes that under the expected economic recovery, A shares are expected to enter the medium and long -term bull market.In the short term, the market is mainly affected by the exchange rate and geopolitical factors of peripherals.In the middle and long term, the market is expected to resume active. Investors can lay out the pre -increase section and increase their holdings orRepurchaseIt is expected that central enterprises; in addition, you can pay attention to high elastic targets that benefit from improved liquidity: robot,new energyCar and other sectors.

(Author: Zhao Ling practice certificate: A0680615040001)

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