Can I use the wisdom of the Book of Changes to stock stocks?

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Friends who have read the Book of Changes should know that the Book of Changes talks about Yiyin and Yiyang.What did he say?Breaking news Everything in this world is composed of yin and yang.What is yin and yang?Good mood is yang, bad mood is yin.Making money is yang, and money is yin.One thing you must understand is that life must be composed of happiness and unhappy, and investment must be made up of money without making money.This is often, the Tao.It is a non -changing way.Why the Book of Changes is the head of the classics and the highest wisdom of the Chinese nation in 5,000 years.Because he summarized the laws of the entire human society into a sixty -four model, that is, sixty -four hexagrams.You must know that western constellations are divided into twelve types, but our ancients have summarized 64 models.Therefore, people who invest in investment must be able to recognize such a truth.Many people just want to make money and do not want to lose money.As a result, I just lost money and did not make money.This is a balance.Because of the heavy sun, God will give you yin, he will maintain yin and yang balance.In another way, if you reach the point where you don't want to make money, then you make money easily.Because the investment market is composed of human desires and greedy, when you have no desire to be greedy, you will see the defraud line of the main force and the means of the main force.As Ma Yun said, I regret founding Alibaba and didn't want to make so much money. As a result, it became the richest man.Many people think he is pretending.But the Book of Changes tell us that this is a balance. If Taobao is not served for merchants, it is convenient for customers.He sells things by himself and does B2C. He can't do so much, at most it is's magnitude.There are many selfish people in this society, and there are few selfless people.So if you want to succeed, if you want to achieve what you want, then you must learn to be selfless first.You are selfless, God will also compensate you, this is the balance of yin and yang.Therefore, reading the Easy Scriptures is a cultivation, and the use of the West can be said to be philosophy. Why Buffett never talks about K -line skills, but always talks about philosophy.Did he not understand Daoshi's?Jiang En?wave?When he was studying, he began to make the shares of the teacher, and those techniques had long been played by him.In philosophy, it has already raised investment to art.What is the art.Art is art.That's another dimension.Finally, send a master's enlightenment and turn to everyone. Fate is destined to be heaven, and luck is the acquired.Seeking longevity, you have to have life.Seeking wealth, wealth.Ask for children, then have children.Anyone who has a request must have something.Anyone who has a loss must have something.

The use of the Book of Changes is a relatively special method in the investment field.Based on the philosophical thoughts and elaboration of the Book of Changes, it predicts the trend of the stock market by interpreting the hexagrams and hexagrams in the Book of Changes.The following is the information about the use of Yijing stocks:

1. The basic concept of the Book of Changes: The Book of Changes is one of the ancient Chinese classics, which contains the hexagrams and hexagrams of gossip and sixty -four hexagrams.The Book of Changes advocates that there is a law in the universe and human society. By understanding and grasping this law, it can predict and guide human behavior.

2. The idea of Yijing stocks: The idea of using Yijing stocks is based on the interpretation of the hexagrams and hexagrams in the Book of Changes, combined with the data and trends of the stock market to predict and decide the time of decision -making stock trading.

3. Book of Books: When using the stock market, speculators often choose a stock, and then predict the stocks of the stock through the interpretation of hexagrams and the obedience of the hexagram.For example, a hexagram may be considered to symbolize the rise of stocks, and another hexagram may symbolize a decline.

4. Combination of Book of Changes and technical analysis: Some people who use Yijing stocks will also combine traditional technical analysis methods, such as trend lines and kinetic energy indicators to assist judgment.They believe that through the combination of the philosophical thinking and technical analysis methods of the Book of Changes, they can better guide investment decisions.

It should be noted that the Book of Changes is not a scientific method, and its predictions and interpretations are often subjective and random.When conducting the stock market, investors need to maintain rationality and caution, and comprehensively consider other more reliable analysis methods and data.

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