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Biden was rare to show weakness to Saudi Arabia,breaking news and as a result, another "slap"!According to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 13th, after the US government was released, the U.S. government had requested that major oil -producing countries such as Saudi Arabia and other major oil -producing countries to postpone the significant production reduction plan began in November this year to avoid the impact on mid -term elections.The Saudi government has directly rejected Biden's request. According to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Arabia, it will have a negative impact on the economy if it is delayed in accordance with the requirements of the United States.

In order to force the Saudi Arabia to make a strong political pressure, the United States has undergone strong political pressure, publicly accusing Saudi Arabia with Russia standing together, and claiming that Saudi Arabia pays the price.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Arabia's statement on the 13th denied the US statement, emphasizing that Saudi Arabia rejected any words and deeds that "Saudi Arabia's lofty goal that Saudi Arabia protected the global economy from fluctuations in the oil market."Political constructive dialogue considers the interests of all countries wisely and rationally. "

The bumping wall in Saudi Arabia has greatly increased the risk of rapid rise in oil prices in the United States in November, which will cause a heavy blow to the Democratic Party's support.In fact, under Biden's failure policy, most Americans have begun to do not recognize the Democratic government's actions.In order to keep the midterm elections as much as possible, Biden also bet on other places.

The Bayeng government launched a new country security strategy to ensure that "win China"

On October 12, the Biden government released a new version of the national security strategy on the eve of the mid -term elections, and focused on China and Russia.In the document, the Bayeng government emphasized that the leadership of the United States is the key to overcoming global threats, and believes that the United States should directly face the "threat" of China and Russia.

This document claims that China is the "most important challenge for global order" and says: "If the United States wants to maintain its influence in the world, it must win economic competition with China."

The main content of the publication statement is that through the ugliness of China and Russia, emphasizing the global influence of the United States, it is not the concept of the United States and the global hegemony under the leadership of the Democratic government under the leadership of the Democratic government.As usual, the U.S. government uses China and Russia as a target, attracts the attention of the people, and transfers contradictions to the outside world to achieve the purpose of beautifying the government.

Interestingly, this statement is not simply criticizing China and Russia, but betting on both ends.In addition to emphasizing the view of the "American leadership world", the text also mentioned the possibility of peaceful getting along with China and the United States.In the statement, in addition to criticizing China, the United States has also recognized China's contributions to the world economy and solving global issues, and put forward the views of Sino -US relations.

The United States has spoken a lot of beautiful words, really plan to "share China and the United States"?

The new version of the national security strategy directly wrote: "China plays the core role in the world economy, which has an important impact on the solution of common issues around the world, especially climate change and global health. The United States and China may coexist peacefully, and they are in common.Contributions to human development and progress. "

At the same time, the United States once again declared that it did not support Taiwan's independence, and said that the United States still complied with the three joint communiqués of China and the United States and the six guaranteed "one Chinese" policy.Although the United States still states that Taiwan's "self -defense ability" will be guaranteed, it also shows that the United States has not adjusted significant adjustments to Taiwan's policy.

Behind the pretty words of the United States is often benefits. In the new version of the Guoan strategy, such a combination of mournssion and betting on both ends is obviously to temporarily stabilize the situation and reduce the risk of deteriorating between China -US relations during the midterm elections, thereby adding a guarantee to the midterm elections to add a guaranteeEssence

In this way, Biden refers to Sino -Russian, giving American voters an explanation, and left room for the United States to ease the relationship.

But Biden did not mention the key to decreased support from beginning to end-Russia-Ukraine conflict.

If you can solve the Russian problem at this time, the Democratic Party can reverse the disadvantages and fly into the sky.Politics has made Biden Ning Ning Ketu's peacefulness with China and dare not mention Russia.

Who is the injury to Russia?

When the Russian and Ukraine conflict broke out, Biden took the initiative to join unilateral sanctions.Eight months after the war, Biden continued to be sent to Ukraine at the general fire and funds.Even if the people in China were resentful because of inflation, Biden never stopped intervention in Russia and Ukraine.When the war in Ukraine was rising to the correct politics of the West, even discussing the ease of Russia and Ukraine's conflict became a topic that was not allowed in social media.

The question is exactly here. Even if the Sino -US relations have fallen at a low point this year, China has never made a comprehensive confrontation with the United States.For the people, try to end the war quickly and restore the global economy is more useful than any statement.What is more serious is that the various measures used in the United States for more than half a year have not completely defeated Russia.

After the joint reduction of production with the Middle East, Russia's stretched fiscal problems in the second half of the year may be alleviated, and Russia may achieve a balance of revenue and expenditure at the end of the year through oil exchange.

It was the best way to quickly destroy its economy for Russia's fortress economy countries.After a year, the Russian economy can still reach a financial balance, so it shows that the efforts of the West this year cannot be economically unable to create Russia economically.The impact that this news brings to the Western people is much greater than the United States seeking to live in peace in peace.

A few rich people in the West may not be affected in this wave of crisis, but most ordinary people suffer for the country's support for Ukraine.Ordinary people in the West have endured high energy prices for half a year, and now they have to spend the cold winter. At this time, someone stood up and said to them that Russia's economy has been balanced for half a year of sanctions.The discussion will quickly consume the last public opinion support of the Biden government.

Western isolated, Putin found a breakthrough in Asia

On the other hand, the half -year isolation policy in the United States has not really isolated Russia, but has made Russia and the world outside the West more close.After the West is fully isolated, Putin has completely pressed the chips to Asian countries.The Asian market, which the main export of Russia, has been developed unprecedentedly within half a year, and Putin, who should have been "isolated", has also become a frequent visitor to major Asian conferences.

On the 13th of this month, Russian President Putin attended a series of major international summits in Villa and took the opportunity to arrive in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.Putin will attend the sixth summit of the Asian mutual collaboration and trust measures, as well as the Summit of the CIS member states and the Central Asia-Russian Summit.

Reality has proved that Western isolation does not make Russia a orphan in the international diplomatic community. After closing the West door, Putin opened other windows.

So since Russia has not been defeated by economy and politics, the unilateral sanctions of Western in the past six months are a bit embarrassing.In addition to creating a precarious environment, Western isolation sanctions seem to be meaningless.

And this is the ultimate problem facing Bayeng in the midterm election.In the expectations of Americans, Biden should lead the United States to defeat Russia and safeguard Ukraine's sovereignty, but the incompetence of the Bayeon government has made this problem delayed.This is the key issue of the loss of votes of the Democratic government.

No matter how hard Bayon is in Saudi Arabia and China, his evil politics in Russia is always the biggest problem.The longer the time and the higher the risk of nuclear, the more dissatisfaction with the people.

At this time, Biden should consider the possibility of peaceful resolution of Russia and Ukraine, and keep the last glory for his image.In the latest Guoan strategy, he has not even changed the policy of Russia. Biden still wants to use the masses to cover up the barrier and dilute the people's dissatisfaction with him to deal with the evil politics of Russia and Ukraine.

Western society is a commonly beneficial society.In Europe, when supporting Ukraine began to affect the normal life of domestic residents, it will appear against the sound of continuing to support Ukraine.At this time, if politicians continue to adhere to their "long -term understanding", there will be the risk of being selected by the people. Italy is the best example, and of course, Biden is no exception.

The inflation in the United States has not been effectively suppressed today, and the expectations of the next rate of interest rate hikes are still very high.Sanctioning Russia, supporting Ukraine not only did not help the United States to suppress inflation, but became resistance to inflation.If Biden wants to use a hat trick for China and begging for Saudi Arabia to make corresponding political results, it can only be said that Biden's political ideas are still too naive, and its political level is completely in line with the political background of political background in politics.Essence

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