From Park Jung -hee's assassination to Li Zaiming, why did South Korea frequently cause political violence?

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  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] "The热议资讯 history of political violence in South Korea can be traced back to the independence of the country in 1948." After Li Zaiming's attack on the 2nd, Reuters commented.For example, in 1979, then South Korean President Park Jung -hee was assassinated, and in 1974, his wife was killed in a operation against Park Jung -hee.In 2006, their daughter Park Geun -hye was also attacked.

  Yonhap News Agency said that Li Zaiming was attacked in Busan, and similar cases in the past were recalled again.The most similar to Li Zaiming's case is the attack of former president Park Geun -hye.On May 20, 2006, Park Geun -hye, then the head of the party, was led by a 50 -year -old man with a stationery knife with a stationery knife. The wound was 11 cm.Operation.After being discharged from the hospital, Park Geun -hye still participated in the election activities and successfully reversed the backward election of the party's party at that time.


  Before the South Korean presidential election in March 2022, Song Yongji, then the head of the co -Democratic Party, participated in the campaign supported by Li Zaiming in Seoul, and was hit by a blunt in a network anchor with a bluntware.Song Yongji was sent to the hospital urgently, and then tangled the bandage to continue to participate in the campaign, but failed to stop Yin Xiyue elected.Reuters and other media also mentioned that in 2015, when the then US ambassador to South Korea, Li Petter, participated in a forum about the unified Korean Peninsula in Seoul, was scratched by a man protesting from the United States and South Korea's military exercise with a fruit knife.The ministry has 80 stitches.

  "If the time returns to the military dictatorship, a more serious political retaliation incident has occurred." Yonhap News Agency said that in June 1969, Jin Yongsan, who was leading the fight against Park Jung -hee, was attacked by nitric acid near his home.In August 1973, Kim Daocho, then the leader of the opposition, was abducted by a special agent in the Korean intelligence department in a hotel in Tokyo, Japan, and was almost killed.

  "South Korean politicians have frequently attacked terrorist attacks, why?" The South Korean "News 1" website said on the 2nd that some experts believe that this is the result of the common role of South Korea's polarized political structure and wrong personal belief.Professor Li Xionghe, a professor of police department at the Founding University of Korea, believes that the polarization of South Korea's politics has intensified, and people are facing the social environment of "non -friendly and enemy", which has led some people to solve problems with language communication.Yes, whether similar terrorist attacks will become competition for punishment and revenge with each other.In the case of the collapse of public debate venues, the more people with a strong political belief, the easier it is to hate the psychology of politicians who do not meet their own standards, and then they may take action.

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