The "Cold Resources" of the Winter Olympics "Cold Resources" for the end of the World Cup in the World Cup releases the "thermal effect"

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  In the men's single -board ski jumping competition on the evening of the 2nd,突发新闻 the Beijing Winter Olympics champion Su Yiming made a moment. In the end, he won the championship with excellent scores of 184.50.Reporter Liu Ping Photo

& emsp; & emsp; last weekend, the 2023 to 2024 season of the International Snow Federation of Snow Federation and the Free -style ski jumping by the China Ski Association, the China Ski Association, the Beijing Sports Bureau and the Beijing Shijingshan District People's GovernmentThe big jump came to an end, and more than a hundred top athletes in the world dedicated a cool and passion for ice and snow enthusiasts. The charm of "Shuang Olympic City" once again attracted worldwide attention.

& emsp; & emsp; As the world's first permanent reservation and use ski jumping venue, "Xuefei Sky" has become the unique "industrial style" of Shougang Park, the convenient supporting facilities in the urban area, and the excellent "snow feeling".A game venue that athletes never forget, including Chinese player Su Shiming, American player Hall, and many athletes who have participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics. They chose to come here to challenge themselves.

& emsp; & emsp; not only the Shougang big jumping platform has a unique attraction to the athletes, the entire Shijingshan Shougang Garden also attracts audiences from all over the country to compete.On the evening of December 2nd, when Su Yiming stood on the highest podium again, the audience cheered as if they could ignite the snow and snow.The reporter saw at the scene that the audience at the end of the final day was almost full. There were not only Beijing citizens, but also ski enthusiasts came from other places.There are many teenagers at the scene. Perhaps Su Yiming's flashing and his championship will "buried" the seeds of ice and snow sports in the hearts of these children.

& emsp; & emsp; In addition, when you come to the scene, you can not only feel the magnificent and magnificent beauty of "Xuefei Sky" at close range, but also taste the food, participate in the cultural and sports activities such as punch card collection, VR ski experience and peak electronic syllables.

The successful holding of the event, in addition to the active hosting competitions of the organizing committee, is also inseparable from the meticulous, thoughtful and all aspects of the guarantee.In order to do a good job in the protection service of athletes and audiences, Shijingshan District attaches great importance to the efforts of the entire district to plan and carefully deploy in advance. Taking the Winter Olympics as the standard, 6 items such as security, audience organizations, volunteer services, medical security, urban publicity, etc.The task formulates a complete work plan.

& emsp; & emsp; It is reported that Shougang Garden has been perfected and maintained on the large jumping track, regional ground, drainage system, watching, wall surface, functional houses, etc. from July this year.Work, complete all preparations on November 27.Officials and many athletes of FIBAs have praised the competition organization and service guarantee work many times.

& emsp; & emsp; The Winter Olympics ignited the ice and snow dream, and reinstated the development vitality of the old industrial zone base of Shougang.It is reported that in 2023 alone, the large jumping platform attracted millions of citizens to punch in, and the "cold resources" of ice and snow continued to release the "thermal effect", which became an important engine to drive urban development.The holding of the World Cup in the big jump is not only the practical action of Beijing's fulfillment of Shen Dong Olympics, but also the successful practice of exerting the advantages of Beijing's "Double Olympics", promoting the development of the ice and snow industry, and helping the Beijing International Exchange Center's functional construction.

& emsp; & emsp; this winter, three top international ice and snow competitions have been successfully held in Beijing.This week, the Final Skating Grand Prix Finals and the Shortway Speed Skating World Cup will continue to be staged in Beijing. Chen Jie, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Beijing Sports Bureau, said: "In the next step, we will introduce high -level international events of other ice and snow projects.This is also a specific measure for the use of the Winter Olympics inheritance after the Winter Olympics inheritance to promote consumption with sports, and help the high -quality development of the capital's economy. "

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