The Secretary -General of the EU China Chamber of Commerce accepts an exclusive interview with the Global Times: Looking forward

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[Global Times reporter Yin Yeping] The特快资讯 twenty -fourth Chinese -EU leadership meeting will be held in Beijing on December 7.European and Chinese enterprises are particularly looking forward to and paid attention to this.Fang Dongkui, the Secretary -General of the EU China Chamber of Commerce, who has been interviewed by the Global Times recently, said that in recent years, China -EU relations have experienced epidemic and twists and turns, and have also showed vitality and toughness.The meeting of China -Europe leaders is held offline again after 4 years, which is of great significance in terms of bilateral and global.

Economic and trade is the "cockpit stone" of China -Europe relations and one of the important agenda for China -EU leadership meeting.Fang Dongkui said that in 2022, the average daily trade volume of China and Europe exceeded 2 billion euros.Since 2023, global trade has continued to be sluggish. As a major global trade party, China -Europe's stable development of bilateral goods has helped promote global trade recovery and provides more opportunities for enterprises on both sides."China has provided multi -level platforms through the Expo, Chain Fair, and Service Fair this year. We look forward to the EU member states and European partners continue to value the Chinese market and continue to expand bilateral trade space."Fang provides more convenient conditions for Chinese enterprises to invest in European investment, including cautious use of investment review mechanisms, reduced investment review strategic industry lists, and shortening investment approval time.I look forward to the call and concern of the European party in the European and Chinese enterprises. In high -tech and green fields, such as 5G/6G, electric vehicles, photovoltaic, and new energy, unilateral economic and trade tools or trade relief toolsRelations develop forward.

"European Blue Book: European Development Report (2022-2023)" jointly released by the European Academy of Social Sciences and Social Science Literature Publishing House on the 5th shows that according to EU data, in 2022, the total amount of trade in China and Europe increased by 23%to 856.3 billion eurosEssenceAs an important trading channel between China and Europe, the 160,000 -standard boxes were sent in 2022, and 1.6 million standard boxes were sent, a year -on -year increase of 9%and 10%, respectively.In terms of investment, in the first eight months of 2022, the EU's investment in China increased significantly by 123.7%year -on -year.Yu Zirong, deputy dean of the International Trade Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce and deputy director of the Hongqiao International Economic Forum Research Center, introduced last month that as of the end of 2022, China ’s direct investment in the European Union exceeded 100 billion US dollars, reaching US $ 10119 billion.

Fang Dongkui said that the European Union and Chinese Chamber of Commerce look forward to the establishment of an open and expected economic and trade cooperation foundation to avoid political decisions such as "de -risk" to generally go to the business field; it is expected that the European party and Chinese enterprises will increase the frequency and channels of communication. Welcome and pay attention to ChinaThe communication and communication of local governments; I look forward to the equally treat the European parties to ensure that Chinese enterprises in the European Pingping and discriminatory business environment; it is recommended that the European party enhance the efficiency of service and provide convenient services to the enterprise.In the context of trial unilateral visa -free policies, we look forward to the European Party also provided more convenient measures to exchanges, including shortening the time required for visa applications and review. "

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