This power has been torn in Europe, a step away from us!

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Recently,时事新闻 contradictions in Europe have been upgraded, especially after the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine War.

Although Russia and the European Union have been in a state of "deep opposition", at the level of "traditional values", some small countries in the Central and Eastern European countries and Russia are more intimate.

On November 30, the Supreme Court of Russia announced that the International LGBT movement was an extreme organization and banned it in Russia. This decision took effect immediately.At the same time, the European Parliament just voted the "one -vote veto system" considered the foundation of the European Union the previous week.

This EU's change is obviously a country that is "inconsistent with values" in Central and Eastern Europe.

The EU's two cornerstones are internal "unified values" and respect for sovereignty and internal affairs of member states.

As one of the EU member states, Hungary passed a bill about "LGBT" in 2021, which deviated from EU member states in Northwestern Europe in terms of policy tendency.

A controversy in Europe, one of the biggest conflicts is "LGBT's promotion".

In Europe, LGBT has gradually become the focus of political controversy.Northwestern European countries, such as the Netherlands, are the first countries in the world to recognize same -sex marriage, and US President Biden has also adopted a series of actions to support LGBT equity after taking office.

This makes LGBT a key voter group in political contests.

However, Central and Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, have different attitudes towards LGBT.They pass the bill that LGBT -related content should not be carried out in the minor stage.This has triggered the dissatisfaction of the North and South European countries, and believes that this is a free violation of the LGBT group.

The Netherlands and other countries even threatened Hungary from the EU to maintain the EU's "core values".

The internal disputes in Europe exposed the competition of the two cornerstones of the European Union.

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