Shandong Gold (600547.SH): It is intended to change the recruitment of Xinyong Zhonghe Accounting Firm broadcast articles

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Gelonhui January 12 丨Shandong Gold (600547.SH) announced that in view of the company's written letter from the company recently received the Tianyuan CPCCO (special common partnership) (referred to as "Tianyuan All Firm"),moment information the Tianyuan Full Office was due to internal work arrangements.It is impossible to accept the company's 2022 annual report audit and other tasks.The company considers the actual situation of the team staff of Tianyuanquan, and given that Tianyuanquan has provided audit services to the company for many years, and it has not yet carried out the company's 2022 substantial annual report audit items, in order to ensure the company's audit workIndependence, objectivity and fairness, combined with the company's 2022 audit work and future business expansion needs, the company plans to change the 2022 A -share accounting firms and internal control audit institutions to Xinyongzhong and Accounting Firm (special common partnership) (referred to as for short)"Xinyong Zhonghe Office"), the company has communicated with the Tianyuan All Fair on the change of the accounting firm.

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