China Modern Yixue Master Xie Yong recommends ~ What are the good names in Yi Jing

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[Si Rong] - "The特快资讯 gentleman is endless, and the people have no head of the people."

"Thinking" refers to deep thoughts, and also refers to missing."Rong" refers to accommodation, tolerance, or appearance.It shows the moving appearance of the girl and the generous quality of tolerance. It reads beautiful rhythm and is beautiful and rich, which brings a kind of quiet taste.

[Mingyou] - "Entering the valley, you are unknown."

"Ming" is the sun and moon and the bright light, which is clear, bright, and describes the dazzling girl; "You" is secluded and deep, giving people a quiet and leisurely feeling, showing the girl's elegant and deep temperament.Suitable for girls, with a classic poetic charm.

[Charter] - "Nineteenth Five -Year Chapters, Zhongzheng also."

"Contain" is hidden inside, and some emotional is not fully revealed, describing girls' restrained character."Zhang" refers to the paragraphs of poetry, text, and songs. It is used to express the girl's talents and arts, read the poems, the name is elegant and elegant, meaningful and profound, and shows the girl's temperament.

(2) Teacher Xie Yong's warm reminder

The words in the Book of Changes have been considered by ancient people for a long time. This is also their wisdom crystallization. Most of the natural laws described in the Book of Changes, so it is more culturally and physical in using words.The image of a literary boy is very beautiful and very attractive ~

However, Teacher Xie Yong reminds friends that it is better to be a nickname. Being "book name, pen name, art name, big name" must be combined with the five elements of personal numerology.As "the soul" is, if the eight characters do not "use God" or use God's weakness, or injured with God, it is equivalent to a person who has no "soul"., Lifting career is difficult to achieve, no pursuit and goal, aimless life, with waves;

Friends who encounter this situation, when they get their names, will find this "use God", and then supplement and improve your "God" from the perspective of the name to bring us to bring usBetter life helps, bring better life benefits and career driving force!

(3) Teacher Xie Yong Talk: The good name in the Book of Changes

1. [Junqiang] Tian Xingjian, gentleman continues to strengthen."Gan Xiang"

2. [Shiwi] Living up to the top but not arrogant, not worrying in the lower position, so dry because of the time, although dangerous but not blame."Dry Calligraphy"

3. [Yunlong] Corresponding to the same sound, seeking the same qi.The water is wet, and the fire is dry."Dry Calligraphy"

4, [Houde] Flag Kun, gentleman with thick virtue."Kun · Xiang"

5. [Yu Qing] House of goodness must have Yu Qing;"Kun Calligraphy"

6. [Lide] The gentleman respects it in direct inside, and is in the right side of the right side."Kun Calligraphy"

7. [Raise Zheng] Mongolian to raise positive, Shenggong also."Mongolian 彖"

8. [Yude] A gentleman is educating morality with fruit."Meng Xiang"

9. [Ronglu] A gentleman is difficult to make it difficult for frugality."No Elephant"

10. [Jiming] Ji Ming Ji is bright and bright."Qian · 彖"

11. [Self -animal husbandry] Qian Qian gentleman, humble self -animal husbandry."Qian Xiang"

12. [High Things] No Prince, noble affairs "蛊 · Shang Nine"

13. [Xingde] A gentleman goes to accumulate his virtue with a well -known foreword."Great Animal · Elephant"

14. [Gentleman] The gentleman is not afraid of independence, and there is no dullness in the world."Big Elephant"

15. [Youheng] A gentleman is constant with something."Family Elephant"

16. [Xiude] A gentleman repaired virtue."蹇"

17. [Seeing wisdom] When you see the danger, you can stop, and wisdom."蹇 彖 彖"

18. [Yurun] Thunder is moving, the wind is scattered;

19. [Good movement] The gentleman moves to see the good, and you change it after seeing the good."Yi Xiang"

20. [Shunde] A gentleman is to Shunde, and the small accumulation is tall."Sheng Xiang"

21. [Accumulation of good] good is not enough to become famous; evil is not enough to destroy the body.

22. [Repair] A gentleman is to be able to repair the province with fear."Zhen Xiang"

23. [Bright] Time to stop, the time is traveling, the movement is not losing, and the Tao is bright."Gen 彖"

24. [Dade] The great virtue of the heavens and the earth is born, and the treasure of the sage is the throne."Tattoo"

25. [Yingxu] The middle of the day is 昃, the Yueying is eaten, the heavens and the earth are proud, and the news is the time?Is it the ghost and god?"Feng · 彖"

26. [Si Yu] A gentleman is guarded by thinking."Ji Ji · Xiang"

27. [Daoji] Knowing that everything is around, and Daoji world."Fairy"

28. [Tongzhi] The saints use the world of the world to determine the karma of the world to break the doubts of the world."Fairy"

29. [Taoist] metaphysical is the way to the top; the metaphysical device;

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