At the age of 15, he was "booked" by the giants. Her husband had waited for her for 6 years.

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Original title: I was "booked" at the age of 15. Her husband has been waiting for her for 6 years. Nowadays

It turned out that she was "leased" at the age of 15,热议资讯 and her husband waited for her for 6 years.The treatment of celebrities is not bad at all.They are not inferior to stars in any way.They have good origin, good family conditions, and even have a special temperament.They are what people call social celebrities.What we want to say today is a celebrity.

At the age of 15, she was watched by the rich man Liao Zhenhan and confessed her love to her.When her peers were still ignorant, she had planned for her rest of her life.You can be a rich person after getting married.

Liao Zhenhan did not live up to her expectations. She kept her promise and married Sun Yuanyuan at the age of marriage.time flies.She married a rich person and is almost 40 years old.She has a son and a daughter.Her body and skin are well maintained.She doesn't look like a 40 -year -old person.When she was with her husband, she was more like a pair of father and daughter.frame.

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