Full of enthusiasm for performing duties!Member of the Haidian CPPCC came to report

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  On the afternoon of January 2nd,moment information members of the District CPPCC who attended the third meeting of the Eleventh Committee of the Haixian District of the CPPCC Beijing City, the members of the CPPCC will report to the conference with good strategies and public opinion. In the next few days, the TAs will beBased on the development of Haidian development with full enthusiasm.
  At the registration site, the staff was ready early, attended the certificate, meeting information, etc., and the members were placed neatly. The members of the members signed in in an orderly manner under the guidance of the staff.Prepare for the meeting.
  It is worth mentioning that members can also be submitted to the proposal in the system through the APP meeting of the Haixian CPPCC's performance app.
  After checking the procedures for the procedures, members of the members have worked well and carefully read the relevant materials of the meeting, discussed their respective proposal content, and exchanged joy and expectations for the meeting.
  The CPPCC members have different proposals from economic development to people's livelihood, from cultural prosperity to ecological civilization, but they are all mindful of the overall development of Haidian development and the well -being of the people's livelihood, and their words are full of expectations and confidence in the new year.
  Every year, the reporters will interview some members of the meeting. Then, let's take a look at the most "fresh" members with reporters ~
  NO.1 Councilor
  I am more concerned about ecological environmental protection issues. Last year's proposal was related to the National Ecological Environment Day. This year I will continue to pay attention to the issues of ecological and environmental protection.In addition, I also pay more attention to the external publicity of Chinese culture. How to use the advantages of many international students in Haidian, use the "Belt and Road" to tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese culture.
  NO.2 Jiang Ke
  My proposal this year is related to network security. I hope that Haidian District can further increase support on the basis of the existing network security industry and make the network security industry in Haidian District bigger and stronger.
  NO.3 Liu Jianqiao
  I have been paying attention to the issue of nursing leave. In Beijing, non -independent children have no care leave. Given that China has entered an aging society, I hope that through the pilot of non -independent children in Beijing, I hope to reduce the burden of pension for young people and improve young people.Willing to fertility.
  NO.4 Wang Jianbao
  This year I brought a proposal related to the construction of red resources. It is of great significance to promote the red culture. As a red education resource, the martyr's cemetery of the Yuanmingyuan should make full use of publicity and do a good job of patriotism education.
  No.5 Xiao Xiangrong
  As a new member, I am glad to join the big family of Haidian CPPCC.I am engaged in the education industry, so I am more concerned about the improvement of education empowerment technology, the improvement of the overall resident literacy of Haidian, and the balanced development of education.
  NO.6 Yuan Weichao
  Last year's heavy rain brought a certain impact on the mountains of Haidian. Therefore, this time I brought "suggestions on strengthening the ability to prevent extreme weather risk prevention in the mountainous areas of Sujiabu Township".Risk prevention ability, make up for shortcomings.
  No.7 Zhang Ye
  This time I brought three proposals, mainly involving two aspects. One is to develop and cultivate the sports industry and sports economy in Haidian District, and make it develop into a pillar industry;Fire -fighting hazards in the place.
  In addition, we also "captured" a representative of overseas Chinese attending the meeting to see what he is paying attention to!
  NO.8 Wang Ximeng
  This time, I went to the conference from the United States to pay special attention to the cultural education and exchanges of Haidian, and also hoped that I could contribute to promoting the external exchanges of Haidian District.
  *Sort the first letter of Pinyin in the name of the interviewee
  Behind the scene of the event, the hard work of the scenes also died of duties, holding silent dedication to the victory of the conference, and becoming a beautiful landscape.
  This year, the Haidian CPPCC opened the curtain of the new year's performance on the title of "keeping in mind", and carefully prepared the "performance set" for members of the members.
  The "Two Sessions" of Haidian District has opened, and members of the CPPCC have been fully prepared. In the next three days, members of the CPPCC will seriously fulfill the sacred duties of political consultation, democratic supervision, and participation in politics.Essence
  Everyone has stated that they will seriously fulfill the responsibilities of the CPPCC members with a high sense of responsibility and mission.

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