How to protect business secrets in cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data?Haidian Failure Guide

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On January 2nd,时事热点 the Conference of the Commercial Secret Protection of Haidian District and the establishment of the service alliance was held at the Demonstration Center of the Zhongguancun Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center.The "Guidelines for the Protection of Business Secret Protection of Internet Enterprises in Haidian District in Beijing" will be released at the meeting, which will help enterprises to quickly establish a business secret protection system that adapts to new technologies and new technologies and new applications such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things and big data.

Commercial secrets refer to business information such as technical information and business information that do not know about the public that they have commercial value and take corresponding confidentiality measures.Strengthening the protection of business secrets is of great significance to optimize the business environment, stimulate the vitality and creativity of market players, and promote economic innovation and high -quality development.

Nie Junjie, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau, introduced,From the perspective of business secret protection systems, document data management, personnel management, information network construction, leakage prevention, rights protection measures, etc., it guides enterprises to establish standards and specifications to help enterprises quickly establish adaptation of cloud computing, IoT and big dataWait for new technologies and business secret protection systems.

The city's first commercial secret protection service alliance "Haidian District Commercial Secret Protection Service Alliance" was established at the conferenceEssenceThe alliance is jointly launched by industry associations, law firms, notarization offices, appraisers, certification agencies, data security companies, park incubators and other organizations.The alliance will provide high -standard professional services for the protection of business secrets in Haidian District through gathering, integrating, and sharing professional service resources.

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