TIKTOK spent 12 billion euros!Europe will usher in the largest data center [Forecast of the Global Data Center Industry Trends]

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December 3 news, according to the official press release of Tiktok, local time on Friday local time, Tiktok announced that it will invest more than 12 billion euros in Europe in the next ten years (the current exchange rate is about 93.24 billion yuan), Implement a project called "Project Clover" to provide "industry -leading" data protection for European users.

According to the "Sanya" project, Tiktok will establish three data centers in EU countries and regions.According to reports, one of these three data centers is located inHarma, Norway, NorwayThe other two are located inIrelandEssence

It is understood that before the investment was announced, Norwegian data center had opened the first stage of operation.The first of the three independent buildings in the center has been delivered this week and is currently installed and tested. The goal is to start the migration of user data before next summer.The other two buildings in the center are expected to be delivered in the second half of next year, and data migration is planned to begin at the end of 2024.After completion, this will be the largest data center in Europe.

In addition, a data center in Dublin, Ireland has been put into operation and has been stored in the storage of user data earlier this year.

Tiktok said the investment will also hire British network security company NCC as data audit and supervision.In addition, Tiktok will further strengthen user data and privacy protection technology.

The number of global data centers in 2021 is about 410,000

Since 2010, the global data center has grown steadily. Since 2017, with the development of large -scale and intensive development, the number of global data centers has begun to reduce.According to Gartner statistics, 422,000 data centers as of 2020 were initially calculated that the number of global data centers in 2021 further decreased by about 410,000.

Figure 2: The number of global data centers in 2015-2021 (unit: 10,000)

The green trend of data center is obvious, and the market is expected to exceed 180 billion US dollars in 2026

Generally speaking, the data center contains many operating components, such as server, UPS, and cooling systems, which often bring high carbon emissions.Therefore, the market's demand for green data centers has gradually increased, which aims to effectively provide users with services while reducing power consumption, reducing carbon emissions, and reducing carbon footprints.

In this context, the global green data center market will continue to develop. In 2020, the market size is US $ 53.19 billion, and the market size of the Green Data Center in 2026 is expected to reach US $ 181.91 billion, and the compound growth rate of more than 22%in 2020-2026.

Figure 3: 2020-2026 Global Green Data Center Market scale (unit: dollars,%,%)

Zhang Fulin, the leader of the New Infrastructure Working Group of the China Communications Industry Association Data Center CommitteeIt is said that the digital economy -driven market has developed rapidly, and supporting policies guide the high -quality transformation of the industry.A new round of driving with needs,The Chinese data center market will maintain rapid growth.It is expected that in the next few years, the market supply and demand relationship of the data center will develop in a reasonable and balanced direction.Zhang Fulin believes that the Chinese data center industry shows moreStandardized, green, refinedThe development characteristics of the "East Digital and West Calculation" cluster has become the focus of the industrial layout.

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