Toyota and BYD jointly create Sport Crossover Concept, debut in Europe!

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Toyota and BYD's Toyota Sport Crossover Concept jointly created by Toyota and BYD have recently appeared in Europe. Obviously,突发新闻 this concept car will enter the European market after mass production.

As early as April this year, the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept was first unveiled at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show. The car called "BZ Sport Crossover Concept" in China.

The two major auto giants Toyota and BYD have collaborated on the establishment of a joint venture company byd toyota Ev Technology. The company launched the first model Toyota BZ3 earlier this year. It is currently only sold in the Chinese market and has not yet entered the overseas market.

The latest Sport Crossover Concept is a setting of electric vehicles developed for markets such as China and Europe. It uses five -door -back cross -border coupe. Because it is a concept car, the original factory does not announce specifications and information.

Toyota plans to launch five pure electric vehicles in the European market by 2026, including the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept is expected to be mass -produced in 2025.

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