"Golden Guide" 12.12 Gold today's trend real -time analysis and golden rise and fall operation suggestion

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  In fact,Breaking news I have been exposed to many so -called investors, but in the real sense, these friends do not understand the so -called investment, blindly enter the market, and lack of skills and knowledge in all aspects of investment. Many people are dazed about investment.In the hurry to enter the market, the result is not very ideal. Some friends brought in the operation, and some operate themselves.Methods, it is difficult to gain a good guidance in this market without a good teacher., I ca n’t carry it, but it ’s a liquidation. In fact, many people have never thought of this ending. At first, the operation of entering the market must be wanted to fish. As a result, the quilt continued.What we do is to summarize the cause of losses. In the face of the market market that fluctuates fiercely, what we need is waiting for the opportunity to break down in a frequent transaction!Reasonably control positions, use support and resistance to order, so that each order is reasonable and can be followed.The buying and selling points should not be at random. Please be responsible for your own funds and keep in mind a word. Professional people do professional things. All actual combat is just profitable, and cooperation is only a win -win situation.Frequent wrong directions and entry and exit points are not very good. Friends who have lost money during operation can communicate with Wang Tianfa.


  Gold market trend analysis;


  On Monday (December 11), in the US market, the gold price traded near $ 1988/ounce. The latest article on the Wall Street Journal Economic Reporter said that it is unlikely when Federal Reserve officials will discuss serious interest rates this week, and it may be possible.It will not be discussed in the next few months, unless the economic weakness exceeds expectations.This news once again cracks down on the market's expectations for the Federal Reserve's interest rate cuts, thereby facilitating the US dollar and hitting the trend of gold prices.The inflation rate decreased this year than the expectations of many Federal Reserve officials, which they did not expect two years ago.The biggest question now is when the Fed can start to cut interest rates and how big the interest rate cut is.The answers to these questions will have a significant impact on family, markets and even the US presidential elections in 2024.Some economists believe that it is unlikely that Fed officials will discuss serious interest rates this week, and they may not discuss it in the next few months, unless the economic weakness exceeds expectations.However, they believe that interest rates do not need to be maintained at the current economic restrictions indefinitely.Officials will announce the latest interest rate forecast after Wednesday, which will show that most people are expected to cut interest rates next year.The US Department of Labor announced on Friday that November of Non -Agricultural Employment increased by 199,000, surpassing 180,000 people predicted by analysts, and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%.The unexpected and powerful data represents the prediction of the market's predictions on the Fed as soon as the first quarter of next year.As the US employment report fully showed a strong momentum, the price of gold plummeted.Now, the golden bulls only hope that there will be a more favorable Federal Reserve resolution to avoid further correction of gold prices.For gold, this is a very important week. As the US inflation and the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate decision this week, the volatility may not disappear.Gold is expected to face continuous downward pressure.


  Golden technical analysis; Gold's breaks down on Friday, and maintained in the middle of the 2040-2010 range.Last Friday formed a break, fell below the lower track 2020 and the support point of the upward trend line 2010 opened the downlink space, the lowest to 1994. The end of the market was recovered above the 2000 mark, but the overall was still closed at a relatively low level.After the top, the tail spit was closed at the low position.The weekly harvest has a long -yin K -line with a long upper shadow line.Top adjustment of the weekly line.Yinyang Yang will give you there any room for the rise of the previous week, and continues this week.The daily map was high and low, and there was no secondary high.Instead, turn the weak down after the horizontal tidelle. This week, it is relying on 2040 to do the critical point.The 4 -hour chart is adjusted to retreat, and a wave of waves is made at a high point of 2144. 2041 just make two wave adjustments high, falling below 2010 to form adjustment of the wave shape, and the short -term view is further declined.Point, the breaking point is the resistance point. At present, after the exploration, it will be confirmed to break the low mouth. Asia and Europe pay attention to the 2015 suppression. If the short -term is weaker, the low mouth is the first resistance point.Down.The 1 -hour chart fell below the lower track after the contraction and sorting. The Bollinger Road opened the mouth down and looked at it in the short -term. In summary, Wang Tianfa suggested in the short -term operation of the golden operation.Focus on the resistance of the first line of 2010-2015, and the short-term focus below the 1985-1980 front line support.


  Analysis of crude oil market trend;


  On Monday (December 11), in the US market, crude oil prices traded near $ 71.20/barrel, and the oil price rose slightly on Monday, continuing the second trading day increase.The concerns of crude oil supply over surplus and fuel demand next year still exist.The recent weak price has attracted the demand of the United States. The United States has sought up to 3 million barrels of crude oil for strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) in order to be delivered in March 2024.Some analysts said: We know that the Biden government is seeking to supplement SPR in the market, which will provide support.Although the Organization of Petroleum Organization and its allies (collectively referred to as OPEC+) promised to reduce production by 2.2 million barrels per day in the first quarter, investors still have a doubt about whether the supply will decrease, and the output growth of non -OPEC countries is expected to lead to decline in oil output.Supply for surplus next year.It is expected that the amount of inventory in the first half of the year is 700,000 barrels per day, but the year is only 140,000 barrels per day.This week, investors are paying attention to the interest rate policy guidance of four major central bank conferences, as well as US inflation data, to understand its impact on the global economy and oil demand.


  The technical analysis of crude oil; crude oil fell first and then raised, and continued to fall down at the beginning of the week. The weekly tail stabilized rebound, the weekly line was overcast, with a certain lower shadow line.At present, the downside of the weekly line is slightly slowed down, and the short -term may be reconciled with the rebound and correction.The daily chart came out of a wave of Shuanglianyang rebound.The continuity of the third trading day depends on the strong and weak conversion, which is the direction of the week at the beginning of the week at the beginning of the week.The 4 -hour chart rebounded and corrected in the decline shape. Currently, the 79.60 high has fallen to 68.78 lows as a wave of waves.From the perspective of the low space of the low point, the resistance of 0.382 is closer to the previous low resistance. After confirming the resistance at the beginning of the week, it can be re -converted to the decline. Currently, the rebound is used as a short correction.Not defined as reversal.It also requires space and form to be further confirmed.In summary, Wang Tianfa suggested that the upper part of the upper-term attention on the upper line of 73.0-74.0 in the interior operation ideas of crude oil, and the short-term support of the 69.0-68.0 front-line support below.


  Wang Tianfa sends a saying;


  A: Reasonable control of positions.This is what you must do with your own management. Wang Tianfa believes that because you only have reasonable control of positions, you have a chance to make a stable profit. Otherwise, even if your account is too profitable, it is best to enter the order for the first time.Based on the market, double or empty or more. In the case of a good market, if the entry list is profitable, you can do it one by one. On the contrary, if the entry list is losing money,Never add positions against the market, unless you don't want to profit in this market.


  B: Look at the overall trend to make orders. Some investors are thinking that the market has fallen so much all day. It should be the bottom, so I go to the game more, or think that it has risen so much, so it should be the head, so I entered.Empty order.Often the market disappoints these people. Why?Because the market is not taken for granted, the market has its laws.Wang Tianfa has a skill before entering the order. Looking at the market is too empty, and the trend enters the order after the small callback.Pursuit of rising and falling is not feasible. Speaking skills are the most important.


  C: Learn to control the mentality. It is strange that some trainees have earned 1 to 2 US dollars when they earn. When they lose money, they continue to stay at 10-20 dollars. They are willing to lose money but do not want to make money.You must know that the accuracy rate of a successful operator may not reach 50 %, but less than 50 % of the profit opportunities will make a loss of losses.To learn to face this unpredictable market, the direction of the market is the direction of people's hearts. We should learn more, correct the shortcomings of our own transactions, face mistakes, and strictly discipline ourselves.Investment is a complete system, including investment concepts, fund management, investment strategies, investment mentality, risk control, operation methods and ideas.


  Investment is a long -term plan, not overnight, so it must not be overwhelmed.Even if you lose money now, there is nothing terrible. As long as you choose the right, you will return again.Wang Tianfa, who is often set up, tells you that the following 5 taboos should be remembered: ①, heavy position operation.②, without stop loss.③ Operation against the trend.④ Frequent operations.⑤, the mentality is not easy to operate.Fate does not refuse, and fate does not leave.The investment friends who did not know each other only trusted me because of reading my article, so I will give the greatest help every find my investment friend to make this trust more valuable.I hope that Wang Tianfa's article will bring you gains, and in the next investment, it will go smoothly.


  I am Wang Tianfa, and I was born for the transaction. If you do n’t know what you can follow me at any time, this article is written exclusively by Wang Tianfa. Investment is windy, and the transaction needs to be cautious.It is a fool to rush into the market, and the right person is a wise man.A boat drifted in the sea. If you do not sail, then drift in the sea forever.At present, it has in -depth and unique insights on global financial markets (such as spot gold, London gold, futures crude oil, WTI crude oil, US crude oil, foreign exchange and futures markets).Each analysis is not an emotional game, nor is it an emotional release.Each open warehouse is a professional performance.Wang Tianfa carefully wrote each analysis report and conveyed valuable investment ideas. Hope that things are worthy and value.

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