Serie Media: The Kalia Parliament approves the new stadium construction plan, hoping to host the 2032 European Cup

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Original Title: Serie Media: The突发新闻 Kalia Council approves the new stadium construction plan, hoping to host the 2032 European Cup

Live broadcast, December 6th. According to Ansa, the Kalia City Council has voted to pass the new stadium plan and hopes to become one of the host stadiums of the European Cup in 2032.

Italy and Turkey jointly bid for the European Cup in 2032. The two countries will have 5 stadiums to host the European Cup. The new stadium in Caliary is one of the candidates.Ansha revealed that on Tuesday, local time, the Kalia Council voted for the plan to build a new stadium and approved a budget of 50 million euros.

Kaliary Mayor Paul Truzu said: "The approval process is not over yet, but this is an important moment. This is also a basic step, which is an important project for the entire island of Sardine. Now.We have to wait for the environmental impact assessment approval of the region, and then we will approve the fiscal budget plan. "

This new stadium will have 25,200 seats, but during the European Cup competition, it can be expanded to 30,000 people.There is also a four -star hotel nearby with 122 rooms, a panoramic restaurant, a health center, and a conference center that can accommodate more than 1,000 people.There is also a park and a technology museum.The planned investment of the new stadium is 157 million euros, of which about 100 million euros are raised and bank loans from the club. In addition, 60 million euros are government public project funds.

(Su Erhu)

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