After the polls plummeted, Ke Wenzhe supported South Korea ’s Yu, Lai Qingde Chu Chu, and the beauty of the United States appeared abnormal.

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After the collapse of the "Blue and White Alliance",hot news the election situation in Taiwan's leaders has changed drastically, which is reflected in poll data.According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network", in terms of support in the party, the Kuomintang's support rate continues to rise to 32.1%.The support rate of the Democratic Party, which has always maintained an advantage in polls, fell to 24.7%.As for the People's Party, which is recently considered a strong opponent of the Democratic Party, its support rate has also dropped to 19.5%.

Surprisingly, public opinion survey data shows that as many as 32.1%of people said they would support the Kuomintang's "legislators", and only 22.4%said they would support the "legislators" of the Democratic Party.Only 10.1%was appointed.Although nearly one -third of the respondents did not express their opinions, the differences in support rates were still surprising.

Seeing that the two parties and the Communist Party reached consensus again and united to deal with the outside world, the chances of victory in the DPP will continue to weaken.In recent years, the DPP officials have often played the "anti -Chinese -guaranteed" sign in order to deceive voters, and even regarded it as a "life -saving symbol."However, as the situation in the Taiwan Straits became tense and the sound of "anti -independence" intensified, the "anti -China Taiwan" card of the DPP authorities gradually failed.

It is said that two of the three scholars serve in the U.S. State Department, and the other is a adviser to work in the coordinating office of the Chinese State Department in China.On the other hand, their statements also exposed the attitude of the United States to the DPP authorities.This shows that the United States is more inclined to maintain the status quo and does not want the DPP authorities to continue to upgrade the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

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