At the same time, Meiwu announced that "no money is no longer", and the United States has suffered from Douwu in the United States. This winter is very difficult.

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The爆炸新闻 United States and Ukraine announced at the same time that there is no money, which is extremely terrible for Ukraine.

First, the White House warned that the military aid funds for Ukraine may be exhausted before the end of the year, and if the aid funds are exhausted, the United States will not be able to continue to support Ukraine, and Ukraine will fall into the dilemma of bombs.

At the same time, President Ukraine said that after December this year, Ukraine will "no longer have financial funds" and Ukraine will face a huge risk of "losing" conflict.

The U.S. government and Ukraine sings a double reed in the U.S. Congress, asking Congress to help Ukraine as soon as possible.

However, in terms of funding, the U.S. Congress quarreled for a few months, frying all the speakers McCarthy, and still did not reach an agreement.

The core contradictions of the US Congress are now that Bayeng and the Democratic Party hopes to pass the special funding of more than 100 billion US dollars, and most of the funding is aid Ukraine.However, the Republican Party requires that more funds must be provided to strengthen border security, but this requirement has been rejected by the Democratic Party.

Well, when McCarthy was a member of the public, although he was the Republican party, he was also willing to cooperate with the Bayeon government to pass the budget.However, since he was fighting, the Republican New Speaker and other Republican members have realized that they must be harder to survive in political struggles in dealing with the Democratic Party.

The two parties in the United States fought around and raised each other to increase each other, and Ukraine became a victim.

Now, Ukraine's finance is very difficult, and the budget deficit in November alone has reached $ 4 billion.Without the direct assistance of the United States, Ukraine's fiscal system will almost definitely go bankrupt.Well, Biden also expected European countries to help and give Ukraine to send some funds to solve the urgent need, but European countries are now under the fact that they are out of the matter as a whole, and even regardless of Ukraine's life.

Of course, although the U.S. Congress has not passed the aid bill now, it does not mean that it will not pass.After all, using the Russian -Ukraine conflict to weaken Russia is one of the main political achievements of the Bayeng government. Before the US election, Biden did not want his main political achievements to become a joke.

Next, U.S.'s assistance to Ukraine will continue, but the scale may be reduced.The conflict in the predecessor is also very unfavorable to Ukraine.

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