Ukrainian War of the Guardian (657)

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Hello everyone!Today is breaking newsDecember 12th. On the 657th day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the General Staff of the Ukraine Armed Forces announced that the Russian army had lost more than 340,600 in Ukraine, of which about 800 Russian soldiers died in the battle of the past day.

In addition, the Ukraine also destroyed nine enemy tanks, 19 armored chariots, 3 artillery, 9 drones, 14 transport supply vehicles, and 2 special equipment.

As shown in the figure above, this is Afdeca. Now Afdeka is more and more like Bachmomt a few months ago. It has become a waste city, but the Russians have not given up on this waste city.If most Ukrainians have clear beliefs to defend the city, but for Russian soldiers, they do not know the purpose of occupying the city. They are just the order of superiors. The meaning of their existence is to use it.Donate your body for grand narrative, that's all.

The Russian Central Election Commission announced on December 11 that Russia will vote for the 2024 presidential election in the occupied Ukraine. After the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Federal Security Agency and the occupation authorities, they decided to hold an election in the occupied territory -except CrimeiOutside of Asia, all these territories are martial law.This is obviously to legalize Russia's previous occupation of four Ukraine states, so that Putin's power can be extended as the effect of swallowing Crimea in 2014.Russian law specifically requires the Central Election Commission to negotiate with these institutions in the martial arts region (including the occupied Ukraine).Russia may use the presidential election in March 2024 to further lay its legitimacy for its occupation of Ukraine, just like it illegally annexed the referendum in 2022.The Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission Ella Pamfelova said on December 7 that the occupied Election of Donetsk, Lugusk, Zapolo and Hermuson, the occupied generals, and RussiaThe occupied Crimea's election is "different."The Central Election Commission may use these different procedures to forge votes that are beneficial to Putin, and claim that voters' voting rates are very high, thereby playing the purpose of supporting Russia's special military operations.

Double 12 is the Ukrainian ground forces day, General Zelezki and General Zaruigani, commander of the Ukrainian armed forces, issued a congratulatory word:

We celebrated this day in a great war for the second consecutive year to defend Ukraine from Russia's invasion.You are the solid foundation of the Ukrainian army.The solid shields and sharp spears are relentlessly destroyed by the enemy!You know the value of each land in Ukraine.Your indomitable will and courage are the pride of the Ukraine!Thanks to every soldier who defended the country, protect the home, and our children's future soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces.The memory and glory of our brothers are with you.Loyalty to the country, responsibility and vows with you!Honor belongs to Ukrainian! ---- commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed ForcesValley. Zaruigi.

"Nearly 600,000 soldiers of various military soldiers have created brave, heroic, and powerful Ukrainian Army. Many people are awarded national awards. Many people will always be remembered by their comrades in their fighting and help. Our people thank the soldiers for liberating liberationOur land, cities, and villages, thank them for their efforts to strengthen the strength of the Ukrainian army, and are proud of them. Today, we remember those Ukrainian heroes who have presented their lives to our country and the people.! Thanks to each soldier, each Chinese, and each commander to give our power to our country. Happy ground for the Ukrainian armed forces! " ---Zerrenzki.

Come and pay attention to the dynamics of Israel:A soldier named Bazar discovered a method that could bury Hamas alive. For example, the device suspended by the video was placed at the mouth of the tunnel. By vibration, it could cause the tunnel to collapse.To deal with Hamas, you have to use a more ruthless way.

This morning, the Israeli artillery of Alzitoun and Eldarj communities in the eastern part of Gaza, which caused a fire on the scene, smoke came out, and it was visible to a few kilometers.

The Palestinians reported that the Israeli National Defense Force's tanks and troops have withdrawn from the Jarbarian refugee camps in the north of the Gaza Strip (the Faruje area, Hamdan, cemeteries and schools).Obviously, work is over.Of course, some Palestinians claimed: "They retreated after being attacked by Agent Hamas ..." The terrorists in your eyes were jihad in the eyes of Palestinians.It was a bit funny, and they were all beaten like this. There are still Palestinians willing to believe that the Israelites' retreat was run away by Hamas's attack. This cognitive Palestinians are not worthy of sympathy at all.Of course, Gaza civilians, who have suffered wars, are getting more and more angry at Hamas.An old Palestinian woman violently criticized Hamas to steal assistance during an interview with Radio of the Peninsula, which surprised the reporter.Because of these words, the old woman will become the target of Hamas's revenge in the future.

Khanis in southern Gaza is now becoming the target of the Israeli army, and civilians are moving towards Lafa.Many people live in tents and streets. There are no residences, and there are very few supplies.In the video clip with English translation subtitles released by the Middle East Media Institute (MEMRI), a reporter from Peninsula TV interviewed a woman at Hamnis, and the reporter asked her how to like Israel's restrictions to enter Gaza.

The reporter said: "The situation is very difficult, and Israel is not allowed to help comes in."

"All assistance has entered the underground (tunnel)." The old woman replied: "No one benefits everyone ... Hamas brought everything back to their home. We came from Gaza CityAt this point, these aids are for us. I'm not afraid (Hamas), I am also telling them. "

The reporter interrupted her, "Many aids entered Gasha and were distributed. This was just what Israel said."

"No. Hamas took all the assistance back to his own house." The old woman said, "They can take me away, shoot and kill me, or do what they want to do, but this isFacts. "After seeing the above conversations, everyone understands that the war is a business for Hamas. If there is war, there will be assistance. According to the United Nations' aid for Palestine, the people of Gaza can have lived on a flattened life.Helpless international assistance eventually flowed into Hamas's pocket. The former God bless the old woman will not be retaliated by Hamas, pay tribute to the brave people!

This issue is shared here, the next issue is even more exciting!Thank you for your patient reading, your attention is the motivation for my continuous update!

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