China Merchants Yunlan Bay-Shanghai Songjiang (China Merchants Yunlan Bay) Real Estate Details-Housing Price-Units-Lotch ratio-Community Environment

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Songjiang New City Yongfeng Street

China Merchants Shekou 2023 Songjiang cover works

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Create a small high-rise at about 95-125 square meters,frontline information

Construction face is about 135-140 square meters superimposed

Lidies of real estate links 49,000/㎡

The entire project can be sold for 617 houses, and the linkage price is 49,000/㎡.

The latest units have been exposed 最

The project adheres to the concept of harmony between the community and the city, starting from the entrance, reshaping the relationship between cities, nature and communities, and filtering noise.Guide the owner to enter the community with the footsteps of nature.

Returning from the prosperity of the city, passing through the hotel -style community lobby, let the body and mind complete the leisurely conversion from the hustle and bustle of the city.Slowly move forward, and the etiquette tree arrays are gradually unfolding to interpret the low -key and elegant villa life with a more concrete scene.

China Merchants · Yunlan Bay sales office Tel: 400-8678-334 uniformly study the relationship between architecture, landscape, and life, and integrate the "city core" comfortable, relaxed, and slow life experience into the planning of each spacemiddle.

In product design,Turn architecture into part of nature and cities, and achieve the charm of architecture for a long time.

Echo the characteristics of the East Road of the ground, respect the native natural forms of the land, and the stacked villas and high -rise layers from low to high -order layout, so that they will form their respective scenery.

The soft light beige color, supplemented by warm metal, restores the humanistic memory in the city's bones; the treatment of rounded corners and curves to form a recognizable tower crown,The beginning of the aesthetic sample exclusive to Songjiang.

In the creation of the landscape of the community, with the advantages of natural resources, the humanistic heritage of Songjiang is integrated into the garden planning, creating a preface to the five themes of the five themes of the five themes of the avenue, walking on the lane, forestry living room, childlike amusement park, and light oxygen sports field. "Duhui Slowly Life Garden ",Gives the landscape more immersion and participation.

Walking, resting, playing, social, sports ... In every kind of life scene, integration of comfort and leisure, allowing people living here to enjoy the low -key elegance hidden in the downtown city, embrace the relaxation and leisure of nature.

In the prosperous fireworks of Songjiang's positive veins, China Merchants · Yunlan Bay Sales Office Tel: 400-8678-334 uses nature as a design language, creating the "big hidden in the city" Du Huilinyu, and the natural strokes outline the space.Elegant scene.There is no need to say a lot of words here, slowing down is the tacit understanding of the life of the heart.

1. Total number of projects for projects: 617 households, including 477 households (95-125 square meters), overlapping 140 households (130-140 square meters)

2. Average price: 49,000 yuan/square meter, high -level some hardcover, part of the blank, superimposed all rough delivery

3. The first batch of opening is expected to be around November.

4. The first high -rise: 250 sets, of which 95 square meters (three bedrooms, two halls, two guards) 150 sets; 99 square meters (4 sides, wide, three bedrooms, two halls, two guards) 50 sets;50 sets.

5. The first stack of stacks: 68 sets, of which 34 sets of upper stacked 130 square meters (four rooms, two halls and three guards); 34 sets of lower 140 square meters (four rooms, two halls and three guards).

The project is located in Yongfeng Street, Songjiang New City.

The Songjiang New Town plate is located in the center of Songjiang District. Mature supporting and transportation has become the core of Songjiang.

Accelerate the establishment of the Songjiang Hub, planned to be subway Line 9 and Line 23, the Express Line East and West Links and Jiaqing Song Gold Line, with a total of 4 rails.Coupled with the west extension of Line 12 will also start construction this year.

It is reported that Songjiang is expected to connect Line 9 and Line 17 to north and south in Jiasong Highway with Line 35 in the future.

Yongfeng is the core location of the main city of Songjiang, and the project land is the last high -quality land in the main urban area.

On the west is Songjiang Shengyijing Garden and Jindi Art Realm, and the west side of Yijing Garden is Yongfeng City Park;

The east is the new ideal square business;The surrounding schools are also relatively rich, including Huating Kindergarten, Songjiang Third Experiment, the University of Foreign Economic and Trade University of Foreign Economic and Trade, etc. The surrounding areas are relatively mature residential areas.

The entire Songjiang Old Town takes the portal of Yau Dun Port. Its supporting+living atmosphere is a lot worse.

In the south of Yau Dun Port, in addition to the city's northern Xiang Tenglu source, the large city of the city, Yingyunjun, and the original sporadic districts of the original sporadic distribution of the country, the remaining interfaces are almost composed of large open spaces!

The only business is Wing Chun Trading Plaza, or it is still selling furniture ... The factor of the mall is already old.

The plot developed by Songjiang, the H17-03 of the south is the vegetable market project, and is currently under construction.

Yonglong Road, Yunyi Road in the west, seems to be a relocation house community. At present, no residents have stayed in, and the name of the community has not been determined.

Overall, Songjiang Old Town (Yongfeng Street) is south of Yau Dun Port. Compared with the north, there is noIn terms of supporting, schools, business, urban interfaces, or living atmosphere, it cannot be compared at all.

We all know that even the same unit, different plots, because of different locations, the price will appear different, such as the two -batch homestead:

△ Baoshan South large plot, Poly Sea Zhenyue, 63,000/㎡; two batches of Jinmao plot 67,000/㎡;

△ The north side of the Xujing Shuanglian Road, Greentown House, 62,000/㎡, the Hongqiao Mansion next door, 64,000/㎡;

△ Taopu Zhichuang City, the latest guidance price is 85,500/㎡, and the [Xiangyu & Traffic Control Taopu Project] on the edge of Zhichuang City was only 79,000/㎡.

And 22 years of H17-02, the linkage price is 49,000/㎡,Invasion ratio 1.5;

In July 23rd, San Shengyi Jingyuan had a double plot in the east, with a plot ratio of 1.6, and the linkage price was also 49,000/㎡ ... the plot ratio was similar, but in the case of more than one level of configuration in all aspects, in the case of more than one level.The house of China Merchants did not increase the price.

Traffic support:

At the entrance of the community, 50M is equipped with rail trams T1, T2 lines, and long -distance bus passenger stations; 4km to Line 9 Drunk Baichi Station, self -driving Shanghai -Kunming high -speed, conversion of Humin viaduct, Central, north and south elevations, inner ring elevated, etc.In the urban area of Shanghai, you can also reach Pudong Airport quickly through the S32 Shenjiahu Highway;

Education supporting:

Seven major universities+Shanghai Normal University Affiliated to Foreign Language Middle School, Songjiang District Cangqiao School, Shanghai University of Foreign Economic and Trade, Songjiang Real Transportation School, Third Experimental Primary School, Huating Second Kindergarten; private schools or international schools have Bao Yugang Experimental School,Songjiang West Foreign Language School, Hede International School.

Business supporting:

New Ideal Square, 2km Thames Town, 2km Flying Plaza at the door, drove to large business districts such as Wanda and Impression City for about 20 minutes.

Medical support:

Songjiang District Central Hospital, South People's Hospital of Shanghai First People's Hospital (third -level A, etc.), Yongfeng Street Community Health Service Center, Fangta Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Songjiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital (secondary A, etc.)

Casual support:

Yongfeng Urban Park, Sanxin Stadium, Yongfeng Community Cultural and Sports Center (under construction), Cangcheng Historical and Cultural Scenery Reserve.

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