Concept News | Lexin Medical New "Sports Industry" concept

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On December 5,全球资讯 2023, () () Newly added the concept of "sports industry".

According to the data of Tonghua Shun, the reason for selected is: February 21, 2023 Interactive Easy: The company has cultivated the field of intelligent health for many years. In terms of sports industry, it is currently in sports teaching and youth physical fitness.One of the health service business.The company has developed the "Lexin Youth Sports Health Management System" around school, family, and communities as its core application scenarios. It uses intelligent wearable devices and Internet -based applications to provide schools with the quality of national standards and daily sports class sports loads.Campus smart sports software hardware integrated solutions for monitoring, collective rope skipping training, daily exercise sleep pressure and health data monitoring, and have reached cooperation with many domestic primary and secondary schools, university sports departments and professional sports teams.

The company's conventional concepts include: Internet medical, intelligent medical care, intelligent wearables, chip concepts, blockchain, artificial intelligence, health China, renminbi depreciation benefits, medical device concepts, pension concepts, unmanned retail, wireless headphones, blood oxygen instrument, blood oxygen instrument, Sensor, three -child concept, Huawei concept, new retail.

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