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Although the U.S. election will not be held in November this 爆炸新闻year, from the current situation, Trump has a probability that the Republican presidential candidate nominated and launched a second duel with Biden.According to Global Network, Governor of Florida, De Santis, has announced his withdrawal.Prior to this, another Republican presidential candidate Ramaswami also announced his refund after the first primary election.As the two have withdrawn from the US election, the Republican "Maga faction" has achieved a combination of flow, which is very beneficial to Trump's election.Although there is also Niche Heili competing with Trump, her supporters are less than 20%, which is difficult to constitute challenges.

At the same time, the world's richest man Musk publicly developed, saying that he would never vote for Biden in the presidential election.Musk's words are obviously supporting Trump.Although Musk had only one voting in his hand, his influence was great.In the last US election, Musk chose to support Biden, but now he decided to "reverse".Some analysts point out that in fact, among the people in the United States, many people regret their decisions four years ago, because after Bayeng came to power, it did not improve the situation in the United States.As a result, four years later, many Americans wanted to pin on Trump, hoping that he could "make the United States great again."With Musk's public statement, these American people have been "liberated" at the "psychological level", and they can make no psychological obstacles to re -choose.

With the abandonment of the election, the situation of the US election is already clear. Four years later, the final candidates for the final duel were Trump and Biden.However, unlike the scenes of the US election in 2020, Trump and Biden are now facing a series of problems.Judging from Trump's situation, he carried a number of judicial allegations that if he could not win the presidential election, he was likely to face prison.In addition, the Supreme Court of the United States will make an important decision in February this year, that is, decide whether to overthrow Colorado to cancel Trump's preliminary qualifications.If the US High Court did not overthrow the ruling, Trump could not return to the White House.Biden's side, because his son Hunter's series of scandals continued to ferment, have been initiated by the Republican Party.The Bayeng government's conflict between Russia and Ukraine and Pakistani and economic issues caused a large number of American people to be dissatisfied and the support rate continued to decline.Therefore, it is difficult to make judgments in the final result of the US election.

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