All the men!Biden: If the opponent of the election is "not sure if the election" next year

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In November next year,breaking news the United States will usher in the presidential election for four years.The Democratic Party has determined to be re -elected by the 81 -year -old Biden, while the Republican Party is likely to be qualified by former President Trump, which is involved in the lawsuit.Recently, Biden said in a fundraising event that if his Republican opponent is not Trump, he is not sure if he will run for re -election, because of Trump to win, otherwise the US democratic system will face crisis.

According to the CNN and the Associated Press, Biden said at a fundraising activity held in a private house in Boston: "If Trump is not running, I am not sure if he will be re -elected. The Democratic Party cannot let him win."We face greater risks than in 2020, warning voters Trump is "the only defeat candidate in the history of American history", "he didn't even attend my inauguration ceremony."He emphasized that he must defeat him, otherwise the US democracy will be threatened.

However, in the White House Q & A session of the night, Biden seemed to take back the previous remarks. He said: "I expected to run, but you see, he (Trump) is running, and I must also run."

Trump recently called the opponent in the campaign as "pests", and the word is the words used by dictators Hitler and Mussolini, which has caused condemnation from the White House and echoes the dictator's remarks.

Biden mentioned in the past that when Trump said "both sides are very good" when the Virginian White Supreme Music rally occurred in 2017, it is equivalent to scattered the moral status of the hate and the resistance.Number.In order to prevent him from changing the values of Americans, Biden participated in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States. If he is successfully re -elected, he will complete the second term at the age of 86, while Trump is 77 years old.Although the Republican primary election started in a few weeks, Trump's support in the Republican Party was far ahead, and Biden had regarded him as the Republican nomination.

With the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas, a polls conducted by NBC showed that Biden's support has dropped to 40%, setting a minimum record during his term.The survey also showed that among young voters aged 18 to 34, Biden's support rate was 42%, behind Trump's 46%.

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