Bayeng threatened that if Ukraine was defeated, he would start the fight with Russia.

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TheExpress information President of the United States caused a sensation.Biden put forward the possibility of "fighting with the Russian army" in a speech in Congress.

Of course, Biden has also had problems in accordance with the manuscript speech or keeping his mind many times, which led to some embarrassing words, such as the vice president Kamala Harris, "Great President", orMix Ukraine and Iran.

However, in this case, his speech is quite coherent.His statement was thought -provided, and he even repeated it to ensure that his listener fully understood its seriousness.

No wonder this makes people look sideways.The war between the United States and Russia will be the two largest among nine in the world.Other countries, such as the United Kingdom or China, may also be involved in, because such conflicts can easily evolve into world wars.Even the conventional arsenal of Washington and Moscow will cause damage, at least in Europe, which may be so in other places.

However, it is important to understand the background of Bayon's speech, accurately understand what he said, and nothing.

As far as the background is concerned, the US President is in a defensive trend. It is not so much against Russia, it is not as targeted at the Republican Party.They resolutely refused to pass a expenditure bill, which basically transferred another huge amount of aid of $ 61 billion in Ukraine.As of October, the US Congress has approved $ 116 billion in assistance to deal with the Ukrainian war.

There are more than one reasons for the distribution of more funds.Republicans have clearly stated that they are using government requirements as chips.They hope to make concessions in strengthening the idea of opposing immigrants in the US border.Since the White House is unwilling to cooperate, Republicans will no longer cooperate on the funding issues of Ukraine.In this sense, this is just daily American politics: a hard bargaining and bargaining under the guise of exaggeration.

But this marks a major change.The West's agent in Ukraine was usually not affected by politics, and was ideological to almost religious.Those days have ended completely.Republicans obviously do not worry about treating this issue as another bargaining chip that will affect the election.They are right.Police surveys show that American voters' support for the Ukrainian war is declining.Even in August, most people have objected to investing more funds in this regard.Among Republican voters, this position accounts for the majority.

No wonder Ukrainian President Vladimir Zellezki has canceled the original long -range long -range participation in Congress Hearing.He is no longer treated specially. His pleading will not be different, it will only bring him more public humiliation.

At the same time, without the failure of Ukraine and its support on the battlefield, this agent's war can not be downgraded from a "values" (no matter what these values are) to a transactionable transaction cans project.Republicans' uncompromising attitudes and the continuous upgrades of Biden are the result of a real, realistic, and now public recognition, that is, this may be a failed cause.

This has made us return to the US President what the problem did this.In essence, he conveyed two key points.One is his inadequate speculation (although it is very popular) -the usual and free tone -if Russia wins the Ukrainian war, it will inevitably continue to attack other countries.As Bayen also assumes that Moscow's future goals will include NATO member states -especially Eastern European countries -he concluded that this attack in Russia will trigger the United States' obligation to directly hit Russia.

Of course, at least the experts know that even the fifth clause of NATO is the fuse that many people think of it.In fact, according to the terms of the NATO Treaty, when another member state is attacked, the member states will not automatically participate in the war.But a political fact is that NATO's reputation in the real world is based on the concept of a member state that will not hesitate to protect each other.

Therefore, Biden warned that if Ukraine fails, the United States and Russia may eventually fall in war, which is both related to Ukraine and Ukraine.This is true, because Ukraine's imminent failure is the fuse.This is not the case, because Biden did not threaten to fight such a battle in Ukraine or on the Ukraine issue.On the contrary, he not only clarified Washington to defend who to defend through the war with Moscow, but also clarified that the United States would not defend in this way, that is, Ukraine.For Kiev, this must be painful.But this is foreseeable.The Zelei regime allows Western countries led by the United States to use its country as a chess piece -Ukraine consciously bleed for Western geopolitics, but it is still not enough to become a member of the NATO club.What Biden said was just a summary of this sad, cruel and shame.At other times, only one glorious thing is to do.He may choose to exile in other countries.

On the surface, the US president seems to be trying to avoid the failure of Ukraine.But this is deceived, there are two reasons.Biden's speech may sound like trying to put pressure on the stubborn Republicans, forcing them to finally take out funds to save the situation.But in fact, it is more likely that the president or the people around him know that this day can no longer be recovered.Therefore, in fact, this warning is an early action to shirk responsibility.Once Ukraine was defeated, the problem of "who lost Ukraine" may poison US politics, depending on the exact time of that failure, even during the presidential election.

Biden was just accusing Republicans for preparation for the consequences of his government's arrogant high -risk policy.Can this do it? Maybe it may not be outside the Democratic Party's loyal believers.

In the end, perhaps the most important point is to convey a message to the United States NATO "partner" in Europe."Yes," it wrote, "We are about to lose the iconic agent war against Russia; yes, everything is wrong, from economic sanctions (which makes Russia stronger rather than weaker) to militarySupport (which makes Moscow understand that in the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Western tanks will "burn");Weak. But don't worry. If the situation develops to a critical juncture, you (unlike Ukraine) are still safe because you (unlike Ukraine) in this club. For you, we really want to fight with Russia. "

What a wonderful information.Even according to his own statement, it is full of despair and virtual taste.If this is not a vague momentum, it is really a promise: Don't worry, if you are attacked, there will be a third world war.

The reality is that the West's gambling in Ukraine has caused irreversible damage -to the West (except Ukraine).NATO's reputation caused devastating and may be a long -lasting blow.West -actually Europe and the world -the real hope is not the United States' words about determination.Ask Kiev's person: They were instilled in the same nonsense "to the end with you".Moreover, it cannot rely on Article 5 to play a role, because the United States will only consider its own interests -it is usually misleading -and its NATO "ally" (actually vassal) relying on it will be naive.Berlin is even possible; for example, there are not so many Paris.No, the real hope of the world lies in how stupid the premise of Biden is.If Moscow attacked the European NATO member country one by one, it would be stupid.Different from the West, Russia has rarely showed stupid signs recently.In other words, NATO Europe, defeated by the agent, will have to rely on Russia's rationality.How ironic.

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